You have spoken your mind and we have listened - greater flexibility in our VIP subscriptions
Apr 25th, 2023

At the request of many of you players, we have now created several different types of VIP subscriptions, so you can choose the VIP subscription that suits you best. With our larger selection of packages, it is now possible to become a VIP regardless of your budget. All our VIP subscriptions are non-binding and can be canceled whenever you want. It is now possible to choose between the following VIP packages: - VIP 7 days - VIP 14 days - Monthly based - Quarterly based - Half-yearly basis - Annually based And a little teaser: Keep an eye on the site for the next two months as we are working on the release of our newest game - we can't give an exact release date yet - it will be a game where you can earn exciting things that improve your skills in the game and you can compete against friends and players across all our sites. Stay tuned and see you in the games 🐵

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New challenges and new feature in Finding Fate
May 30th, 2023
Five new challenges have just been added to Finding Fate. Besides the weekly challenges we have also added a brand new feature to the game! It is now possible to let all the dialogue be read aloud to you with our new 'Text to...

Finding Fate
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New land in Farm Empire - VIP sneak preview image
New land in Farm Empire - VIP sneak preview
May 26th, 2023
It's summer in Farm Empire, and our favorite summerland Jurassica has reopened - this time with free entry! This means that all players with access to the world map also have immediate access to Jurassica. The land is also faster...
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Now it's even better to be a VIP image
Now it's even better to be a VIP
May 25th, 2023
From today there will be 4 fixed games which will be exclusively available to VIP members. There will be no more weekly rotation of VIP games, instead we are introducing 4 fixed VIP games that paying members exclusively can...
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New medals and challenges in Finding Fate
May 23rd, 2023
We have just added four new medals to Finding Fate! These medals do not apply to any specific episode, but to your overall achievements in the game. They are called Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. So get ready to prove your...

Finding Fate
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