Picture Logic Color

The world is full of colours! Picture Logic Color is a game filled with brain-teasing puzzles combined with exciting coloured images. There are hundreds of levels, and you can even create your own.




  • pita872
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game
    Working on bringing up my percentage on completed puzzles. This is my FAVORITE game in Playtopia. Do like others, but NONE surpass this one!!!

  • TheHulk
    Ouwe Taaie
    Ik like this game... it's so simple... i'm in relax status here
  • CJB721
    Love This Game!!!
    I really enjoy this game. It challenges "the little gray cells" whether I'm solving puzzles created by others or creating my own puzzles. I spend countless hours playing!!!
  • chwarae
    very addictive
    very addictive and challenging any time of the night or day and gets the little grey cells working and probably the best game on the site
  • EllesNL
    it becomes an addiction, i lov
    it quickly becomes an addiction, i love it!
    great game. new pictures every week, so you can play on and on and on......