Sea Sweeper

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Ahoy, Sailor! Go on an expedition in this new version of minesweeper and explore the oceans to find hidden treasures! But remember to be careful - avoid to go aground by identifying the land in time.


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How to play Sea Sweeper

The game

Explore the oceans in Sea Sweeper, a new version of the classic minesweeper, to find uncharted territory and hidden treasures. There are an infinite number of levels to explore, so start collecting diamonds to unlock new sizes and types of levels. Basic rules Game surface Tools Right click Hints Click on Numbers Zoom and Pan Level types Treasure hunt – additional rules Customed Levels Tokens

Basic rules

In Sea Sweeper your job is to mark the land beneath the clouds with flags. The game surface consists of clouds under which sea, land and numbers are hiding. Your task: 1. Use the numbers to find land. The numbers show how much land lies beneath the clouds in the eight fields surrounding that number. 2. Mark the land under the clouds with a flag. 3. Explore and remove the clouds above the sea with the wheel. Remove the clouds above a piece of land = lose a life. Remove the clouds above a piece of sea = continue to play. Remove the clouds above a number = use the number to find out which field you can explore next!
Your goal is to find all the land and mark them with a flag - before you lose your 5 lives! You never have to guess in this version of Minesweeper! All levels in Sea Sweeper have a logical approach in relation to find the next possible flag to place or cloud to remove. It can be difficult to figure out, but try to find the solution! If you still have doubts about the rules, you can see the instructions and play the test levels in the game under 'Tutorial'.

Game surface

  • 1. Numbers - are your only help finding land. Use them as a guide to place the flag!
  • 2. Tools - you need for example to explore and place the flags
  • 3. Hints - appears in the form of red and wriggling numbers that pop up when you need help
  • 4. Exposed land - appears when you have found all the land within a selected area (square).
  • 5. Top panel - shows you how many flags you need to place and how many lives you have left.


There are four different tools you can use in the game depending on the level type. Wheel - can be used to explore areas. Apply the wheel on a field where you are sure there is no land hidden under the cloud. If you hit a piece of land with the wheel, you lose a life. Flag - is used to place the flag in the clouds. You can place as many as you want. Shovel - is used to dig up treasures. If you dig in the wrong place, you lose a life. Compass - lets you select the areas that you have checked in advance. This way you can exclude areas that do not fit with any treasure map.

Right click

Depending on which tool you have activated (i.e. use on the left mouse click), you always have the option to use another tool on the right mouse click. This means that if you are going to use the wheel on the left mouse button, then you will always be able to quickly get the flag on the right mouse button. The same applies when you use the shovel on the left mouse button, where you will always have the compass on the right mouse button.
You don't have to use the right click, since you can always switch the tool on the tool button. But it may be an advantage to master the use of the right click, as it is a lot easier to play with. Since it is not possible to use the right click on mobile devices, it is possible to hold your finger down for a longer time to use the tool that would normally be present on the right click, when you respectively use the wheel or shovel.


There are two types of hints to help you in the game if you get stuck or make some mistakes. Red numbers - the numbers turn red when you place too many flags in the clouds around the number. Wriggling numbers - when you have been inactive for a while, i.e. have not placed a flag or explored an area, there will be some numbers on the game surface, which will begin to wriggle. This is a hint that you can move forward in this area with the help of one of the wriggling numbers. You can deactivate the hints from the menu, if you want to play without.

Click on numbers

If you activate ”click on numbers” on the menu, you can click on the numbers in the game to explore or place flags on all surrounding fields at once - depending on which tool you use. Thus, you can complete a level even quicker if you master clicking the numbers. However, use this tool with care, as you can easily lose a life if you're not careful!

Zoom and Pan

Zoom - You can zoom in on different areas of the map by using the mouse wheel. Scroll up and down to zoom in and out. On mobile devices you can pinch to zoom. Pinch your thumb and finger together to zoom closer, and spread your fingers to zoom out again.
Pan - You can pan around the map by clicking and holding the left mouse button and drag the map in different directions. The same applies to mobile devices where you can move the map by holding your finger down and then drag it around.

Game modes

There are three different game modes, as well as an extra challenge, you can try in Sea Sweeper: Seaman, Navigator, Captain, and Survival.
Seaman - As a seaman your goal is to explore the oceans and find the land under the clouds. Place the flag in it and explore the entire game surface. See also the basic rules of Sea Sweeper in the previous section.
Navigator - You have been promoted as a navigator, so now it is important to find treasures with the help of some treasure maps that you've got hold of. You still need to explore and place the flag in the country, but to find a treasure you need to find the map that fits with the designated areas of the game surface. The faster you find it, the better!
Captain - You are now a captain and even when the treasure maps are upside down and you do not know which in direction north and south are, your goal is still to find treasures! In this mode the maps can be both rotated and mirrored.
Survival - The ocean is a dangerous place. In this challenge you take off with only a single life, but with the chance to get extra profits. Take a chance and earn a lot more.

Treasure hunt - extra rules

When you play the game modes: Navigator and Captain, your goal is to find treasures. Your task is to check the treasure maps regularly while you explore the clouds. You can always try to dig, even if you are not 100% sure about the whereabouts of the treasure.
  • 1. Marked areas - on the game surface show which areas match with the treasure maps.
  • 2. Number of treasure maps - shows the number of treasure maps out of the total number of maps.
  • 3. Switch treasure maps - can be done with the arrow buttons above the map. You can only see three maps at a time, but there may well be more. You can, for example, see on the picture that only the first three of the four maps are actually visible.
  • 4. Number of treasures and the value of the treasure - can change from level to level. There may well be more treasure maps than treasures on the level, so keep an eye on how many treasures there are in the level and the number of treasure maps that are displayed. The less you explore, the more you get per treasure. It's expensive to sail around and look for treasures, so when you use your steering wheel, the treasures you find, will lose value. You can see on the treasure chest when it changes value. It is 'free' to place a flag, so use it to your advantage.

Customed levels

At some point you will get the possibility to put together your own levels in Sea Sweeper. The 'Custom' menu includes both switches and on/off buttons that you can use to create the following settings:
  • 1. Size of the level
  • 2. The size of the areas on the level and the size of the treasure maps
  • 3. Number of flags/land
  • 4. Buttons for respectively survival, treasure hunt, mirrored and rotated treasure maps
  • 5. Number of treasure maps
  • 6. Number of treasures
There are some options on the menu that are interdependent. This means that some switches will move and show other options when you make changes on another button. In some cases, it will limit your choice, but in others it will give you more options. So just go ahead and try create your favourite level to play!

Diamonds and Tokens

You earn diamonds and tokens for each completed level. This is matched to the severity of the level. After winning a level the prize-spinner extracts a random prize or - if you're lucky - the bank. When you are on a treasure hunt you will get more diamonds and tokens depending on how much you use the wheel, ie how much you explore to find the treasure. Even if you have the opportunity to find something in the treasure chests, this does not mean you get less out of playing Sea Sweeper levels without treasures.

Gameplay video


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