I used to play this game in 2012 when I bought my first iPad!

    Some years later I couldn't find it anywhere! So happy I found it on this site!
    I adore it! It is absolutely cute, funny, and challenging sometimes!
    Thank you very much, developers, for such an amazing game! Good luck!
  • Oldtimer40
    It's a fine game...
    Sometime it's not easy to collect all balls to get the necessary stars...
    but... the perseverance kills the game...
    Have fun...!!
  • Voodoo Friends
    Voodoo Friends is a very challenging and mind boggling game. You definitely have to put your thinking cap on and concentrate on making the correct moves to collect all the balls of yarn to earn all three stars on the more difficult levels. Voodoo Friends is tons of fun but it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to collect all the balls of yarn and earn the three stars on every level. Think positive and you can do it! Tinkerbell44