Mahjong 3


Mahjong 3 is a great and refined version of the popular Chinese solitaire. There are now even more levels, special tiles and stars you can collect. You can also build your own levels and share them with your friends.

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New books in Mahjong 3
May 6th, 2024
We have just published three new books in Mahjong 3. One book in every difficulty level, so everyone can join in. Can you manage to complete all levels with 3 stars? Have fun with Mahjong 3!

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Time after Time
Time after Time
New year 2024
New Year 2024
Late Summer
Late Summer
Active Fun
Active Fun
Missing You
Missing You
Matching Symbols
Matching Symbols
Christmas Time
Christmas Time
Autumn Delight
Autumn Delight
Hot Breeze
Summer Vibes
See you!
Goodbye April
It's Cold Outside
First Month
Chinese Game
Ho ho ho
For the holidays
Removing Tiles
Matching Images
Spot the Bricks
Matching Game
Sticky Tiles
Pair Despair
Shining Tile
Silver Line
Oriental Ways
Golden Days
Jong Pair
Plenty of Gold
Autumn Tiles
Indian Summer
Golden Days
Winter Tiles
Elimination Process
Remove 2 Win
Mahjong Gems
Tinkle Winkle
Removing Items
Precious Stones
Cool Mahjong
Mahjong Jungle
Bronze Tiles
Mahjong Tiles
Spring Mahjong
Mahjong Stars
Magic Mahjong
Mahjong Tokens
Silver Stars
Tiles & Tokens
10 x Bronze
Chinese Solitaire
Brick by Brick
Mah Jong
Mahjong Master


Dragon Master
Dragon Master
Great Emperor
Great Emperor

How to play Mahjong 3

Mahjong free

Mahjong 3 is a new and beautiful version of the popular Chinese solitaire. There are now even more levels, special tiles and stars for you to collect. Here at Playtopia you can play Mahjong online for free.

Rules Game surface Stars & Shuffle Help function Tiles Tactics Special tiles


Online Mahjong solitaire is easy to learn and is a well-known Chinese solitaire that you can play for free here at Playtopia, but it requires good skills to master. A Mahjong level consists of 144 tiles. Simply put, Mahjong is about matching pairs also called tile matching. A tile can be paired with an identical tile, if it is free. A tile is only free, if the right and/or left side of the tile is free, and if there is no tile on top of it. See the following examples:

Direct block

A tile placed under another tile is not free and can therefore not be selected.

Side block

In order to select a tile at least one of its long sides must be completely free.

One side must be free

These two tiles in the middle can not be selected as only half of their longer sides are free. To select them you need to first remove one of the two outer tiles.

The surface of the tiles must be completely free.

In this example the 2 top tiles block for the 3 lower tiles. A surface of a tile must be completely free in order for it to be selectable.

Tutorial levels

If you have not played the tutorial levels yet, you can access them by pressing "?" on the front of the game. These levels can help you understand the very simple rules.

Game surface

Review of the game area
  • 1: The tiles
  • 2: Shuffle & stars (current stars)
  • 3: Available pairs (number of available pairs of tiles that can be removed)
  • 4: Gold collector (Collects Gold, Silver and Bronze. It also gives Bonus Spin when full)
  • 5: Pause/Menu (in the menu you have access to restart, switch tile theme and turn hints off)

Stars & Shuffle

In Mahjong 3 you can shuffle the tiles over and over again. The first 3 times you use the shuffle function, it will get you one less star when completing the level. That means, if you have shuffled the tiles 2 times and then complete the level, you receive 1 star for your collection. Of course you can just play the level again and see if you manage to get all three stars the second time.

Help function

If you have not removed any pairs in a while, a help function will highlight free pairs that you can choose to remove. If you do not want to use this help, it can be turned off in the sidebar.

The tiles

The original Chinese Solitaire has some different character sets that are used to describe the tiles.

Bamboo Tiles

The bamboo tiles stand for copper coins on a string. There are 4 of each bamboo tile in a normal Mahjong level.

Character Tiles

The character tiles shows the numbers 1-9 in Chinese. The red character at the bottom stands for 10,000. There are 4 of each character tiles in a normal Mahjong level.

Circle Tiles

The circle tiles symbolise the traditional copper coins. There are 4 of each circle tile in a normal Mahjong level.

The four winds

The win tiles represent the four directions of the compass. North(N), South(S), East(E) and West(W).

Dragon tiles

There are 3 different dragon tiles, and 4 of each in a normal Mahjong level. The dragon tiles symbolise the three coloured dragons, green, red and white.

Flower tiles

There is one of each in a normal Mahjong level and they can all be paired with each other. The flower tiles represent the four noble men in Chinese art. Cherry, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and Bamboo.

Season tiles

There is one of each in a normal Mahjong level and they can all be paired with each other. The season tiles show the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These tiles also have their corresponding Chinese characters for the season, coloured in red in the upper right corner.


As the levels get harder and harder, it will also be necessary to use some tactics to get all 3 stars. Basically, it is important to always remove tiles that open up the level more and allow the possibility for matching multiple pairs, rather than removing some that do not give you new possibilities to match.

A good match

If you can match two tiles that allow you to get to other tiles behind or beneath them, that would be a good match.

An okay match

An okay match is one that doesn't open the level up further. This move should only be made when there are no better options.

A bad match

A bad match is when you match tiles that are totally free and do not block for others, or only block one other tile. If you only match these tiles, you end up with no more free pairs left very quickly.

Examples on tactics

A hard level where it is really important to focus on the group in the middle.

A level where the focus should be on the pillars of 4 tiles, and the long elements that block some of the tiles.

A very tough level where you need to focus on the top row, and at the same time try to open up the three pillars by removing the top tile.

A level where you again need to focus on the group in the middle. Many of the surrounding tiles should only be used if absolutely necessary.

Here the focus should be on the lower groups of tiles. Other tiles that are completely free should be saved for last, if possible.

Your main focus should be on the tiles that block others. When the level has been opened up, then your focus should be on all the tiles.

Special tiles

Sometimes you can be lucky to find a special tile. As you collect gold, silver or bronze tiles, you will see your progress on the yellow bar at the top of the game. When the bar is completely filled, you get a bonus spin. There are other special tiles in the game which are even more rare, namely gems. Gems occur very rarely, and when you see them, you are not in doubt. Some are more rare than others, and some occurs only in difficult levels, others in easier ones. If you collect a gem you will receive an extra gold star to your collection. You can get 3 gold stars in total for each color gem you find. You can see all the gems you've found in the trophy room at the front.


In our free game Mahjong 3, it is also possible to build your own mahjong levels, and play your friends' levels as well. You will find this function on the front page of the game under "User Levels". If you create a good level there is a chance it will be published in a new book, so everyone gets a chance to play it. In that case, you will be rewarded with tokens and your username will appear as builder of the level.

What is a good level?

When you build a level in our version of Mahjong Classic, you should think about two things: how difficult should the level be and its looks. Hard levels are very compact and often do not have many holes, whereas an easy level has many free tiles. These items can also be easily combined to get a more interesting level. It is of course also important to make sure that the level is visually beautiful. Does it look like a certain thing or does it have a beautiful pattern? If you build the level too big with tiles widely scattered, the tiles will then seem very small when the level is played, which is not optimal. Also, do not copy a level that has already been published or has been taken from Mahjong 2 or has been created by another user. Copied levels will never be published. Originality pays. As a rule of thumb: a compact, stylish and original level in whatever difficulty, is a really good level. Good luck with the Level-Builder.

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  • Elementary

    This is a good game for someone learning mahjongg to learn the technique & speed necessary to achieve a good score. It's not for someone who completely understands those principals & it more skilled (like myself). I do like the choice between toon & classic Chinese characters. And most importantly, I can turn OFF the music.

  • Gold game

    A Berry goodgame

  • pats518

    This game is addictive and I love it. I just wish Playtopia would put it back to its original format so that the sessions would register and automatically move to the next puzzle like it used to.

  • Love it!

    Love this game. So fun and addictive to play. Look forwarding to playing more and beating all levels.

  • wendy3559

    Love this game, it is so addictive once you start you will not want to leave. Thanks playtopia just keep the new levels coming

  • Mahjong 3

    Fantastic mahjong game! I am addicted to mahjong games and Playtopia's mahjong 3 is the best one on the internet. Love have different tile sets to choose from and the lay outs are very interesting and challenging. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!


    Love this game it has me totally mesmerised am totally addicted. Need more levels to keep us all going though

  • love it

    love this game but more levels are needed to keep us addicts going :-) also make gems a little easier to collect and more explanation as to what these are for.

  • Fantastic!

    Fantastic game. Highly recommended for anyone who loves mahjong. It should come with the warning - extremely addictive. I might never leave my computer again!

  • great game love the lay outs

    great game love the lay outs and free pairs, need a challenge and badges for the game.
    Hope to see more puzzles added and sequences, had some trouble with puzzles loading, slow start up