• Gold game
    A Berry goodgame
  • pats518
    This game is addictive and I love it. I just wish Playtopia would put it back to its original format so that the sessions would register and automatically move to the next puzzle like it used to.
  • Love it!
    Love this game. So fun and addictive to play. Look forwarding to playing more and beating all levels.
  • wendy3559
    Love this game, it is so addictive once you start you will not want to leave. Thanks playtopia just keep the new levels coming
  • Mahjong 3
    Fantastic mahjong game! I am addicted to mahjong games and Playtopia's mahjong 3 is the best one on the internet. Love have different tile sets to choose from and the lay outs are very interesting and challenging. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
    Love this game it has me totally mesmerised am totally addicted. Need more levels to keep us all going though
  • love it
    love this game but more levels are needed to keep us addicts going :-) also make gems a little easier to collect and more explanation as to what these are for.
  • Fantastic!
    Fantastic game. Highly recommended for anyone who loves mahjong. It should come with the warning - extremely addictive. I might never leave my computer again!
  • great game love the lay outs
    great game love the lay outs and free pairs, need a challenge and badges for the game.
    Hope to see more puzzles added and sequences, had some trouble with puzzles loading, slow start up
  • doddsredoubt
    Interesting game bright and easy to understand. For the first few minutes
    had to think format different slightly from
    other mah-jong games