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Beat your friends in Yahtzee!
Play with 5 or 6 dice. Don't wait for your turn, just roll the dice! Play against up to 32 players at the same time or compete against yourself. Get better and earn trophies for your trophy collection.


  • 5 dice Yatzy

    Required players before start: 3
  • 6 dice Yatzy

    Required players before start: 3
  • Challenges

    Logical Mind
    Independence Day
    Winter Hibernation
    December Rush
    Festival Season
    Sweet Escape
    Sleeping Mexican
    Winter OL
    Third Season
    Fresh Air
    Indian Summer
    At the Beach
    April Fool
    Third Month
    Almost Over
    For the holidays


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    Dice Master
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    Yatzy Godfather

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    Mar 21st, 2024
    Now that the Easter holidays are approaching, we have chosen to bring extra joy to our Yatzy players. Four new Yatzy Medals have been introduced to the game to add an extra dimension of fun and competition to the holiday. The new...
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    How to play Yahtzee

    Play Yahtzee online

    Among the many different dice games, Yahtzee is one of the most popular ones that the whole family can play with either 5 or 6 dice. You roll the dice and try to get as many points as possible. In online Yahtzee, you don't need a Yahtzee block and the computer rolls the dice - so it's easy to get started. Welcome to online Yahtzee at Playtopia.

    Yahtzee Rules

    An eye on one dice equals one point. Points are scored when you mark a combination on the game sheet. Most combinations score points depending on how many eyes the dice show, some may score more and there is also the possibility of a bonus.

    Each player has three rolls in each round before marking a combination before moving on to the next player. After each roll, you can choose which dice to hold and which to roll again. To hold your dice, click on them. When you are satisfied with the outcome or when the three rolls have been used, you choose on the game sheet which combination the dice should go to. The value of the combination is automatically written in the table and when the game is over, the winner is the one with the most points. We want to make it clear that all types of tactical play are ALLOWED in Yahtzee and tournaments. Negative comments regarding other players based on their style of play will be considered harassment and the instigator of the disturbance will be removed from the game without notice.

    Game types and time

    You can roll five dice or six dice in Yahtzee. With 5 dice there are 15 different combinations to enter, with 6 dice there are 20.

    There are 3 different time settings to choose from. Red, yellow and green. The red clock means that the game is fast, there is no time to drink coffee. If you choose the green setting, you have plenty of time to think about tactics, but you may have to wait for your opponents. Yellow is a nice middle ground.

    Choose a table with a time setting that suits how you want to play.
    If you often don't have time to fill all your rows, aim to play on tables with green or maybe yellow clocks. On the other hand, if you sit and wait for other users to finish, go for the red or yellow clocks.

    If you leave a game before the round is finished, you will not be penalized. However, if you don't finish playing, we will mark the rest of your game sheet with a 0, which could mean you end up losing your rating. However, if you are done playing, you can easily leave and join another table. You will automatically receive the rating based on your position at the end of the round. Whether you see the result screen or not.


    Depending on whether you play with 5 or 6 dice in this dice game, there are some combinations that are worth knowing well.

    5 Dice

    One pair - two of a kind

    Two pairs - two + two of a kind

    Three of a kind

    Four of a kind

    Full house - three + two of a kind

    Small straight - 1-2-3-4-5, one of each kind

    Big straight - 2-3-4-5-6, one of each kind

    Chance - free choice

    Yahtzee - five of a kind

    6 Dice

    3 pairs - two + two + two of a kind

    2x3 of a kind - three + three of a kind

    Big House - three + two of a kind

    Royal - 1-2-3-4-5-6, one of each kind. Gives 30 points

    Yahtzee - six of a kind


    In addition to the points from the above combinations, there are 50 bonus points that can be won once by filling in the top part of the game sheet and achieving a total value of 63 points (5 dice) or 84 points (6 dice).

    Tie Score

    If several players have the same score, one can still beat the other. The order of highest ranking is calculated as follows:

    1. Highest Yahtzee (if any)

    2. Lowest number of dice rolls used

    3. Shortest time spent


    Use your re-rolls wisely! The main part of the game of Yahtzee is re-rolling. In each of your turns, think about all possible combinations and decide wisely which of your dice you would like to re-roll.

    Avoid "0"! Every time you can't fill in any box, write "0" points in one of the boxes. You should try to avoid this scenario at all costs. However, if you are in this position, start by crossing the "eights", then the "twos" etc. Never start with the "sixes" box or the bottom section.

    Don't forget the top section! If you get 63 or more in the top section, you get 35 extra points at the end. And those 35 can make a huge difference!

    Aim to beat Yahtzee! That's 50 points!

    Star Jackpot

    When playing Yahtzee, the Star Jackpot automatically adds up. The more players at a table, the faster the jackpot adds up. The jackpot is paid out to the user or users who score enough points, namely 330 points (5 dice) and 450 points (6 dice). If multiple players score enough points, they share the jackpot.

    Extra features

    To help the experienced user, there are a few extra features in Yahtzee.
    Hold multiple dice: Right click (long press if playing on mobile/tablet) on a die to hold all dice of that kind.
    Highlight opponents: You can click on your opponents' names in the score list to have their score itemized and displayed next to your score.
    Watch: If you are playing in a room but would like to just watch, you can click the eye button in the side menu. This will automatically make you a spectator in the next round instead of a player.


    If you are skilled and lucky, you can collect trophies in Yahtzee as a reward for good play. You can find your trophy collection via the front page and the medal icon at the bottom right. Some trophies can be very difficult to obtain.


    If you play and win a game with many players, you will naturally win more rating than if you only win a game with a few players. If you have a rating above 2000 and have been inactive for a long period of time, you may risk having your rating deducted. You can avoid this if you are active in the game occasionally.

    Yahtzee history

    Yahtzee is a popular dice game that was created in the early 20th century. The history of the game can be traced back to various early dice games played in different cultures.

    Early forms of dice games date back to antiquity, where dice were used as gaming tools in various civilizations such as Ancient Rome and China. These early games were often based on luck and were a form of entertainment and gambling.

    Yahtzee as we know it today was created by a Canadian game developer named Edwin S. Lowe in 1956. Lowe had already successfully introduced the dice game "Yahtzee" in the US earlier, and he then discovered that a similar version of the game already existed in Denmark called Yahtzee.

    Lowe bought the rights to the Danish game and changed the name to "Yahtzee". He also adapted and refined the rules and the scoring system used in the game. Yahtzee quickly became popular in the US and became one of the most popular dice games in the world.

    The game of Yahtzee is usually played with five dice and a scoring block where players must complete different combinations of the dice to earn points. Each player has the option to roll the dice up to three times per turn and choose which dice to save between rolls. After the third roll, the player must choose a combination and place the points on the scoring block.

    The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by achieving high combinations, such as pairs, triplets, full house, even numbers, etc. The player with the highest total score at the end of the game wins.

    Yahtzee is a game that combines luck and strategy. Players must make decisions about which dice to save and which combinations to bet on to maximize their points. The game can be played by all ages and is a popular activity among family and friends.

    Yahtzee has also inspired many variations and extensions of the game, including different rule sets and themes. It has become available as a physical board game, a computer game and as a mobile app that allows players to enjoy the game on different platforms.

    The history of Yahtzee is a story of a game that has managed to maintain its popularity over the decades and continues to be a fun and entertaining game that brings people together around a roll of the dice.

    General about Yahtzee

    Yahtzee is an exciting dice game that challenges players' dice rolling skills and strategic decision making. It is usually played with five dice and a scoring block, and the goal is to achieve the highest score by obtaining different dice combinations.

    Each player has a turn to roll the dice up to three times. After each roll, the player can choose to save some dice and roll the remaining ones again to try to achieve the desired combination. After the third roll, the player must choose a combination to score and record the points on the score pad.

    There are a total of 13 combinations that players can choose to score on their score pad. These include pair, two pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, small straight (1-2-3-4-5), large straight (2-3-4-5-6), chance and Yahtzee (five of a kind). Each combination has its own point value, and some combinations require achieving certain dice combinations, while others give points for the sum of all the dice.

    The strategy in Yahtzee is to judge when it is best to keep dice and when to try to achieve a certain combination. Some combinations score more points than others, but require more luck. It's all about finding the right balance between scoring big points and securing a score even when the dice don't roll as planned.

    Yahtzee can be played by players of all ages and is a favorite among family and friends. It offers both fun and excitement as each turn presents new opportunities and challenges. There is also a competitive element as players can compare their results and try to achieve the highest total score.

    Yahtzee has maintained its popularity over the decades and is available in various formats including physical board games, online versions and mobile apps. It's a perfect activity for social gatherings, game nights or even as a relaxing pastime at home.

    Yahtzee is a game that combines luck and strategy in a fun and engaging way. It is a classic in dice games and continues to entertain and challenge players around the world.

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