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Used to play on RG where I could challenge & make new friends directly rather than just playing alone. My fav game was Gospo's Great Adventure, I hope someday there will be a 5.0 version of it as I miss it very much. I also loved Alphabetty & it too was so unique. Yes, there are word games, but not like that one. 

I like variety most of all, so I play matching, mahjongg, pool, hidden object & some card games.

I'm not interested in any kind of romantic or cybersex activity & if that's your motivation, move on! I also don't like people who ask personal questions, are rude, pushy or disrespectful. 

Love this song ... intricate energetic! 😎

Love this song ... jazzy perspective!  😎

Love this song... upbeat jazz! 😎

Love this song... its exquisite!  😎

Love this classic blend of world, urban & jazz! 😎 

Love this song.. sneaky jazz! 😎

Love this song ... energetic classic! 😎

I love all these songs each in their own unique way. 😎 

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    Your little dog is incredibly cute!



    Thanks for dropping by & for my compliment! 😎


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