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Farm Empire


Would you like to be the world's richest farmer? In Farm Empire, you'll start your own farm from scratch, but with the right strategy, you'll soon have an entire empire.

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New country in Farm Empire
Jan 31st 2023
This time the trip goes to Norway! Here in the beautiful Norwegian nature, you are offered a fantastic view of both fjords and mountains, while at the same time you have the opportunity to cash in on the natural resources that Norway has to offer, such as salmon, trolls and...

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  • nice game
    this game is so addictive
  • farm empire reviwe
    the game is pretty cool and also remembers me of advenure captalist
  • Addictive
    Very addictive game but keep your golden eggs as you need 180 for each other farm you want to go to once you hit the 50% milestones. It doesn't tell you this anywhere in the guide.
  • Addictive
    This game is a game that shouldn't be addictive but surprisingly is. In the beginning you think it may be boring but plodding along and it soon becomes addictive. What i do like about it is if you have to go off for a few days it carries on while your away so the only thing you lose out on is the eggs and prizes.
  • Newme74
    Fantasic game Totally addictive love it thanks for bringing this game to playtopia looking forward to the badges that will hopefully come soon
  • Farm Empire
    Farm Empire is a very unique and different kind of farming game that I have ever tried playing. I was never into playing time management games but I do enjoy this farming game. I know it came out on February 28, 2016 but I didn't start playing it until May 10, 2016. When the game slows down to a crawl I log off and go play another Playtopia game for awhile and then come back to check on the status of Farm Empire. It sure is a very popular game as there are always well over 100 players on it when I am online. Tinkerbell44
  • Addictive
    A little boring waiting for money not much to do with managers but i always seem to come back and play.
  • Patience Required
    Totally enjoy the game but after awhile it's just waiting and waiting till the workers build up. More interesting now with the gifts which I do enjoy. I recommend this game.
  • Farm Empire
    is a great game but once you start getting up there is gets a bit boring .need to put something in there to occupy our time until money comes in
  • I love it!!!!
    This game is cool. I like when I leave and come back and see how much I made.