Crystals in Farm Empire

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Jul 4th, 2024

Next week, we are introducing crystal eggs as a new currency in Farm Empire. You will keep your gold eggs; they will retain the same value and can still be used for most things as before. VIP players will also continue to be able to send gold eggs to their friends.

Crystal eggs will henceforth be used as payment for things that previously cost money – namely, purchasing gold eggs, super prizes, and x4 multipliers. Additionally, unlocking countries will also cost crystal eggs. If you have yet to unlock a country and have the gold eggs to do so, you can benefit by unlocking the country now. If you need to buy gold eggs to unlock it, it's better to wait – converted to crystal eggs, it will be cheaper to unlock a country.

You buy crystal eggs for money, just as you have bought gold eggs so far. We have aimed to set a price level corresponding to the current one, but there will be some volume discounts and bonuses on the first purchases – so in practice, it means a slight price reduction. Additionally, there will of course be ongoing opportunities to win crystal eggs, e.g., on our Live Stream or in our prize shop.

The advantage of this change is that we only sell one thing – namely, crystal eggs. Thus, not both super prizes, x4 multipliers, and many different packages with gold eggs. Additionally, this also supports our extensive work in releasing new countries.

Price List:

  • 10 crystal eggs: 3 USD
  • 25 crystal eggs: 7 USD
  • 75 crystal eggs: 19 USD
  • 250 crystal eggs: 54 USD
  • Piggy bank: 40 crystal eggs
  • 50 gold eggs: 5 crystal eggs
  • 130 gold eggs: 10 crystal eggs
  • 280 gold eggs: 20 crystal eggs
  • 590 gold eggs: 40 crystal eggs
  • 1500 gold eggs: 75 crystal eggs
  • 4500 gold eggs: 200 crystal eggs
  • Weekly plan with 280 gold eggs: 10 crystal eggs
  • Monthly plan with 1500 gold eggs: 50 crystal eggs
  • Super prizes: 75 crystal eggs
  • x4 multiplier: 50 crystal eggs
  • Unlocking a country: 20 crystal eggs (10 for VIP)
  • Unlocking an event country: 10 crystal eggs (5 for VIP)

We will give you all 5 crystal eggs to start with. You can use them on gold eggs, or you can save them as a contribution to unlocking the brand-new country that will be released on July 31st.

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Crystals in Farm Empire

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Next week, we are introducing crystal eggs as a new currency in Farm Empire. You will keep your gold eggs; they will retain the same value...

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