Finding Fate


Fate is a journalist and has an ability to always end up in exciting situations. In Finding Fate, you follow Fate, helping her uncover the truth of the stories she investigates. You have to look for hidden objects, collect stars and complete a new episode every month.

Latest news

New challenges in Finding Fate
Sep 20th 2022
Five new challenges have just been added to Finding Fate. Come check out the new challenges, and maybe you'll manage to obtain some gold medals!

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New episode and challenges in Finding Fate
Sep 13th 2022
Finally the time has come once more: a brand new episode of Finding Fate is now available! Follow along as Fate continues to investigate her past. Where will her journey take her? Hop in the game and find out!  And of course the weekly challenges have also been added....

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  • Good game
    I enjoy this game. But there needs to be a 'skip' option on the talking bits. Still a very good game though that I'm really enjoying.
  • Hidden Object Finding Difference
    I like the variety of hidden object & finding difference. I don't really understand the difference between the sounds & stars, yes, some instruction or a legend would be helpful. Some objects are obviously beyond the screen view & you have to use the hint to find them, which I think is really sneaky. Also I had trouble with my mouse button sticking when zoomed in, so I had to click somewhere in the scene to unengage which gave me an unintended click. Thanks for adding a new game.
  • Good game

  • Great New Game
    Fun searching for objects but some of the scenes are dark and have lots of shadows so it`s difficult to spot them. Also clicked on some of the items and ended up having to click 2 or 3 times. But still a worthwhile game.