Daily tasks in Farm Empire!
Sep 1st 2022

Now it's here - the most requested Farm Empire update ever! Daily tasks, boost coins and super prizes! Every day you will get between 3 and 10 small tasks where you e.g. need to hire specific managers, reach a number of milestones or buy some levels. There are almost 100 different tasks to solve. When you solve your tasks, you get 5-20 silver stars, which can be redeemed for prizes in the form of gold eggs and boost coins. Each month you can collect up to 1500 silver stars - the more you collect, the better the prizes. In total, you can get 100 gold eggs and 12 boost coins if you reach 1500 silver stars. If you want access to even better prizes, you can also buy super prizes. With super prizes, you get as many as 2000 gold eggs and 38 boost coins, to reach 1500 silver stars. Boost coins are new in Farm Empire, and work a bit like the multipliers. When you activate them, your earnings are multiplied for 5 minutes in the country you activate them in. This means that in five hectic minutes you will have extra good opportunities to go far in the country. There are e.g. x3, x10 and up to x200 boost coins. To begin with, you all have each received 3 free boost coins, but in future these will normally only be available as a prize for solving the daily tasks, or by following our live streams. Have a great time with the daily tasks.