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June Jam
Lasting Friendship

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June Jam
Lasting Friendship
Machine over Man
Siesta Skills
Dangerous Waters
Quick Sand
Pocket Money
Healthy Fight
Oriental Ways
Striking Strategy
Rich Friends
Changing Lines
Rolling Stones
In the Brain
Freezing Cold
Busting Bubbles
Brick in the Wall
Working Chickens
Sticky Business
Dropping Like Flies
Resting Time
Sparkling Sea
Castle Rock
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Working Chickens
Buy 5,000 chickens in USA
Expert (JUR)
25% milestones 1,000 amber 1,000 triceratops
Animal Farm
Buy 3,000 chickens in USA
Hay Day
Win 200,000 tokens
Working Hard
Buy 2,000 chickens in USA
Wealthy Farmer
Win 100,000 tokens
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