In the near future, will launch VIP memberships. VIP members will get certain advantages such as unlimited access to all our games, more options to edit their profiles, higher ranks and free daily eggs/apples/diamonds in the games. The VIP membership is introduced in order to make sure that can offer a quality product in the future. The additional funds coming from the VIP membership will enable to continually develop this site, so that great features and interesting new games can be offered in the future as well.

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Pair Despair
Complete to Win

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Pair Despair
Complete to Win
Bake and Eat
Gobble Down
Jungle Fever
Eye Snack
Fluffy Bread
Dot Dot Dash
Greater than Great
Chicken Feet
Scary Time
Blasting Colours
Power Machine
Game on
Sassy Sailor
Under the Stars
Gaining Logic
Plunging into the War
Shining Tile
Move your Brick
Remove and Enjoy
Expert in Sweetness
Removing Animals
Hunger Games
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Chicken Feet
Buy 20,000 chickens in USA
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Expert (HAL 19)
1,000 Black cat 1,000 Apples
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Basic (HAL 19)
100 Apples
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Life on a Farm
Buy 15,000 chickens in USA
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Buy 10,000 chickens in USA
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