Bingo 90

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Enter the bingo hall and play bingo with the numbers 1-90. The game has different rooms where you can choose whether you want to play to the first line or full ticket. Up to 12 tickets can be played at a time and the first ticket is always free. For VIP players, there are two free tickets.


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In Bingo 90 you need to mark your ticket with the numbers that are drawn. The first player who can cover any winning pattern wins the game. A pattern can be a line or a full house.

How to play

First you choose which room you want to play in and how many tickets you want to play with. Then you just start marking the numbers that are drawn. When you hit the target for the round, e.g. a full house, you get the option to call BINGO - press the BINGO button and you win the game.

You can also choose to activate the auto-dab, so your numbers can be marked automatically. You still need to press the BINGO button to call BINGO.

Each room has its own winning patterns and the round starts as soon as the first player joins. When you enter a room that has already started, the numbers previously drawn will be automatically marked. In some cases, you will be lucky enough to get a ticket that already has BINGO because all the numbers you need have been drawn before you arrived.

Bingo Bucks

When you win a round you get Bingo Bucks, which can be used to buy extra tickets. You can always play for free with one ticket, or two tickets if you are a VIP, but if you want to play with more tickets you need to buy them for 200 Bingo Bucks per ticket. You can buy up to 12 tickets.

The players usually play for a prize pool equal to half of the number of tickets purchased by all players, including the free tickets. The pool is divided between all who call Bingo, however the person who first calls Bingo will get a bit more if the pool cannot be divided equally.

Bingo Bucks can also be purchased in the game's shop, where they can also be used to buy new types of dabs and new graphics for the game.


When you play, you win tokens. In Bingo 90, all participants get the same number of tokens for playing a round, and the longer the round takes, the more tokens you win.

Bingo collection

When you play, you also win items for your bingo collection. The goal is to get bronze, silver and finally gold frames for all your collection items. To get a bronze frame around an item, collect it 20 times. Another 100 items must be collected to get the silver frame, and finally another 500 items to get the gold frame.

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