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Bingo Spinner is a mix of a slot machine and bingo game. Use your power stones and try to get a full card, to get even more spins! Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the best score!


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The game

Explore the adventurous areas in the new Bingo Spinner - a mix of slot machine and bingo. Use your Power Stones to complete your cards and achieve even more spins that can bring you to victory. Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the highest score! How to play Treasures Power Stones Collectibles Gold Apples World, game types and rewards Frames Rating

How to play

Each player starts with four cards and must try to score as many points as possible by completing a card. When a card is completed the player achieves Bingo - this provides both a new card and an extra spin. The winner is the player with the most points when time expires. The Spinner At the bottom of the game you find the Spinner which can spin up to 6 numbers that you can dab on your cards. The numbers to be dabbed will be marked on the cards with a purple colour. Furthermore you can spin your way to these icons:
Free - gives you a free dab on all available cells marked with green. Must be used before using the numbers.
Column - gives you a free dab on all available cells marked with pink in the column upright above the icon.
Points The number of points you win depends on how you complete your card:
Dab - 5 points
Dab on pattern - 10 points
Line (3 in a row) - 25 points
Double line (over two cards) - 50 points
Full pattern - 100 points
Full card (BINGO) - 250 points


If you are lucky you can find a treasure on a card when you start a game or get a new card after getting Bingo.The treasures are a great find because they give you gifts - for free! They may contain XP, Power Stones, golden apples and rare collectibles that you can only find in the treasures.

Power Stones

During a game you can use Power Stones to help you. You can get them in the treasures or you can buy them with the golden apples, you earn and buy. There are 6 different Power Stones with different rarities:
  • Places a free dab on a random place
  • Places a treasure on a random place
  • Places two free dabs on random places
  • Provides double points on a random card on anything that gives points
  • Places three free dabs on random places
  • Provides triple points on a random card on anything that gives points


Collectibles are rare items that can only be found in treasures. Each object belongs to a set, which offers a reward as soon as you have collected the whole set. The objects are attached to each world and every collectible has a certain rarity, which makes some harder to find than others - common, rare and epic objects. It is possible to find collectibles from a incomplete set, even if you have it in advance - particularly common objects. Your findings will be replaced with another reward, so you will always get something out of finding a collectible!

Gold Apples

In the world of Bingo Spinner you can buy most things with golden apples. You can buy apples for money, but also get some free apples in the treasures and by ranking in the top three in the games that you play. Initially you can use golden apples to buy Power Stones in the shop and treasures. You can purchase the treasures before each game. They are placed on the cards at game start.

World, game types and awards

During the game, when you achieve a higher level, you begin to unlock the different worlds with different game types and different rules. Additionally, each world also has various collectibles that can only be found in that same world. As each game type has different rules, various ranking awards can therefore be obtained depending on the type of game you play.
Game typeGold ApplesTokens

To achieve a higher level, you must collect XP. You will receive XP for the following: 50 XP - for a victory 25 XP - for a second place 10 XP - for a third place 5 XP - per bingo 1 XP - per dab


A frame is a decorative item, which you can use to frame your profile picture, and thus highlight yourself on the list of players. The frames can either be won by completing a collection that you've got in the shop or by purchasing them directly. You can choose which frame you want to use from the list below your profile picture. Select the frame that best suits you and your mood!


The rating points are divided when the game is over. The way the points are distributed depends on the differences in ratings of the players and on the game result. The better an opponent you have beaten is, the more ratings you get. However, if you lose to an opponent with low ratings, you will then lose a lot of ratings. To avoid that users with extremely high ratings occupy the top places forever by not playing, we have made it so that the ratings automatically drop by 1% when you don't play in 14 days..

Gameplay video

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    Awesome game but not very many daily players. Takes too many to start a game, can you add robots Please? Pretty Please?
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    Playtopia needs to put robots in this game like they have in Ludo because even though it is a great game we have a very hard time getting 4 players to play.
  • great fun
    all 9 sets of collectibles are available in my gallery so you know what you are aiming for...great fun with this game, ok so you may have to wait for others to play but it really is worth the wait, and many of the advanced players are willing to move to the lower levels so that others get the chance to move forwards too