Bingo Spinner

Bingo Spinner is a mix of a slot machine and bingo game. Use your power stones and try to get a full card, to get even more spins! Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the best score!



  • Maple
    shame, cannot play as hardly anyone plays this game
    Make it available to play for all, no matter how many people are playing
  • Jd43anne
    cant tell you as i am constantly waiting for 9 players --sure would like to play and find out what the game is like
  • littlegirlsmom
    great game
    Playtopia needs to put robots in this game like they have in Ludo because even though it is a great game we have a very hard time getting 4 players to play.
  • tinkerbell44
    Bingo Spinner
    I love the Bingo Spinner game but not enough people seem to want to play it. The only time it is popular is when it is one of the weekly challenges. I wish Bingo Spinner could be changed so it could be played with robots like the Ludo game. Tinkerbell44
  • HappyHousewife
    really great game
    the only thing negative that I can find in this game is you have to have 4 players to play. seems as if more people are starting to try bingo, so the wait is not as long at this time.