Bingo Spinner

Bingo Spinner is a mix of a slot machine and bingo game. Use your power stones and try to get a full card, to get even more spins! Find rare collectibles in the different worlds - and beat your fellow players by getting the best score!



  • Luv this game
    Awesome game but not very many daily players. Takes too many to start a game, can you add robots Please? Pretty Please?
  • great game
    Playtopia needs to put robots in this game like they have in Ludo because even though it is a great game we have a very hard time getting 4 players to play.
  • Bingo Spinner
    I love the Bingo Spinner game but not enough people seem to want to play it. The only time it is popular is when it is one of the weekly challenges. I wish Bingo Spinner could be changed so it could be played with robots like the Ludo game. Tinkerbell44
  • really great game
    the only thing negative that I can find in this game is you have to have 4 players to play. seems as if more people are starting to try bingo, so the wait is not as long at this time.
  • love but
    wish we can play 1 player games. it is so hard to find players. please make it more player friendly so we can play .It is hard enough to find 2 players let alone 9
  • Real fun game
    Cant get four players. Need to add a single player version, or an attraction to get people in to join
  • good game but?
    I love the game but for some reasons not too many players to play with anymore. Wish we did not have to wait for 4 players to come in and play.
  • A great game just a pity
    A great game just a pity not enough play it and you have to wait for players to come along.probably a few weekly challenges might help I know the happy hour works when they do.
  • great fun
    all 9 sets of collectibles are available in my gallery so you know what you are aiming for...great fun with this game, ok so you may have to wait for others to play but it really is worth the wait, and many of the advanced players are willing to move to the lower levels so that others get the chance to move forwards too
  • this game should be name: utopia
    there is challenges for this game that you can't achieve because there almost impossible to get 10 people in the same time, why playtopia don't change the game with robots?
    what is the point of having this game if we can t play when we want??