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New prices in Farm Empire and Tower Empire
Sep 11th, 2023

In the past 14 days, eggs and diamonds in Farm and Tower Empire have been sold for half the price. You have all been so pleased about this, that we have decided to keep these new prices for the rest of the year! It is quite a price drop, so we are sure you will appreciate it especially in these hard times where everything has become so expensive.

Not only have the prices of eggs and diamonds dropped, but we have also adjusted the prices of time travels, airplanes etc. You will find a few price increases, but overall the prices have fallen significantly. Eg. a 14-day time travel now costs 200 eggs or diamonds, compared to 300 before. Here is a full list of the price changes:

Huged price drops on airplanes, which now cost about half price.
Buying workers / honors without restarting now only costs 100 eggs / diamonds.
The six different time travels now cost 20 / 40 / 60 / 100 / 150 / 200 eggs or diamonds.
Purchase of upgrade now costs 40 / 60 / 80 eggs.
Buying CO2 compensation now costs 10 / 25 diamonds.

The x2 and x3 multipliers cost the same as before, but to make room for a new x4 multiplier, their values will in future be added together. This means that when you buy both x2 and x3 it gives x5 instead of x6. On the other hand, you can now always buy a x4, which thus allows you to reach a total multiplier of x9 (2+3+4). If you have previously bought both x2 and x3, the total multiplier will still be x6. Note that Tower Empire will count your total x6 multiplier as x2 and x4, but you can still reach x9 by buying x3 again.

And it doesn't stop here, because in Farm Empire from now on you can buy a shiny doubler that will double your chances of finding shiny assets. The chance is still slim, of course, but if you are hunting for a full collection of shiny assets, it'll still be something worth to invest in. Like the multipliers, the shiny doubler disappears when you reset a country.

We hope you will welcome the new prices, the x4 multiplier and the glitter doubler and that you will continue to enjoy the games Farm and Tower Empire. Remember that on Thursday there will be a new and exciting country in Farm Empire that can only be played by VIP players.

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