New Mini-Game in Pool!
May 8th, 2024

We are excited to announce that from today, you can play our brand new Lucky Shot mini-game in Pool!

In this game, the goal is to shoot the golden ball onto a target that is placed randomly on the pool table. Depending on where you hit, i.e., which ring on the target the ball ends up on, you will be rewarded with varying prizes.

Just like in regular pool, you can only shoot the white ball with your cue, which you must then use to collide and position the golden ball. In this game, both skill and luck matter, as you need to use the correct power and direction in your shots, and since the target and the placement of surrounding balls change daily, the difficulty varies.

There are two types of mini-games, Lucky Shot and Golden Shot, each with different prize pools. Each prize on the target can only be won once per target. For the Lucky Shot game, this means that you have to wait until the next day for a new target. For the Golden Shot game, it means that a completely new target with new prizes will appear after you have completed one by hitting all the rings.

To play the Lucky Shot mini-game, you will need standard tickets, which you receive for free daily in the Shop. They can also be purchased for chips after each shot if you run out. Golden Shot tickets can be purchased for money, either directly in the mini-game or as part of a larger package in the Shop.

Right now, and until the end of the month, there will be a special one-time offer in the shop where you can get 50 tickets at a really good price. You save over 50% on the tickets!

As part of the update, we have also adjusted the speed at which the balls move when several of them or the cushions collide simultaneously. This should resolve any strange behavior of the balls when they are close to the edge.

Enjoy Lucky Shot in Pool!

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