Siesta Solitaire

Amigos! Senoritas! Gringos! The classic 7-solitaire has gone to Mexico where you can compete to get the most points! The higher the round you reach, the more points you get. The game has great token awards every 3 and 24 hour. Arriba! Arriba!




  • florie
    I have now been playing on this game for over a year and still can't get to round 8 on normal level, thoroughly disappointed with both the games and the site, where are all my favourite games, all gone. no worth me spending any more time on this site
  • patlongrigg
    This is the first game of the day and it wakes me up to get ready for other more taxing games have to do all 3 levels
  • SoulVenus
    Time Killer
    Great to get to talk to other people when I'm not busy at work. This game, though, does need to make it a little easier to win games more often.
  • beansontoast
    love this game
    i love this game, but it needs to go easy on us to get the medals lol. fun to play, great for killing time, i love it very much :-)
  • pamles
    siesta solitaire
    Great game for playing and chatting, you can never get bored . have met loads of new friends on here as there are no time limits. Dont be fooled into thinking its an easy game though!!! you will be tested...lol,