Farm Empire is now on Steam!
Mar 23rd, 2023

Farm Empire is now on Steam and we're very excited to see how many new players will stop by to play. For all of you who have already played Farm Empire, you now have the opportunity to quickly complete what Steam calls "Achievements". These can be compared to our medals and their tasks are correspondingly difficult to complete. But if you have already played a lot, you will soon be able to buy e.g. 5,000 chickens in the USA and thus complete the Achievement "My chickens make me awesome!", which is rewarded with 75 golden eggs. The game has almost 50 Achievements, and if you complete them all, a few thousand golden eggs will actually be available for you! If you end up spending a few hours on the Steam version of Farm Empire, we would greatly appreciate a nice review. If a game gets a lot of visits and reviews already on its first day on Steam, they will increase the visibility of the game, and thus more players will discover it among the hundreds of other games released every day. So please go and play the game asap and write a review - it will be a big help for us. Visit Steam and download Farm Empire here. Remember that your Playtopia profile must be linked to your Steam profile if you want to avoid having to start over when you start the Steam version.

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