Changes in Mahjong 3
Aug 11th, 2023

We are now done making adjustments in our beloved Mahjong game. Over the years, we've uploaded a great amount of levels in the game every week. But unfortunately, the sheer amount of books filled with levels, has made the game slow to load. We've been looking for a fitting solution for some time, and now we're ready with a new approach.

In the past, there have always been 9 books with the same theme, all filled with 6 levels per book. We have merged those 9 books into one bigger book, containing all the levels from that theme.

For the players, not much will change. All the levels are still available, but they will be gathered in fewer books. This should greatly improve the loading time, so the wait will be much shorter.

We publish 3 books a month, filled with 30 levels per book. This means that the amount of levels published each month actually increases a little, so there is even more fun to be had!

Mahjong 3

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