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Stubborn, stubborn act - the circus has come to town! Balloon Buster 3 is a new and lively version of the classic balloon game. Compete to reach the highest round or in how many points can be scored in the game challenges. Big token prizes every 3 and 24 hours for the top 50 players.


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Latest news

New medals in Balloon Buster 3 image
New medals in Balloon Buster 3
Dec 19th, 2022
There are now a total of 8 medals in Balloon Buster 3. If you have played the games for many years, there is now something for you to hunt for again. The four new medals are Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. Enjoy.
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How to play Balloon Buster 3

A fun Balloon game

The third chapter in the popular Balloon Buster series is a true circus show of colorful balloons with helium and huge bangs when they pop. The game features multiple ways to play, lots of power-ups and of course hours of fun in the world's only balloon circus.

As always, you must blow up connected groups of balloons of the same color. The bigger the group, the more points you get. However, the key element in Balloon Buster 3 is the new plus balloons! When you blow them up, you get more balloons. The more balloons you blow up together with a plus balloon, the more new balloons you get!

Plus balloons

The most important thing in Balloon Buster 3 is the new plus balloons. If you use them optimally, you can go far and score a lot of points. Normally you always have a limited number of balloons in each lane, but the plus balloons let you get more. Every time you blow up a group of balloons that includes a plus balloon, you get new balloons equal to half the size of the group (rounded up). If you have two plus balloons in a group, you get as many new balloons as you have blown up. If you have more than two plus balloons in the group, it's even wilder: you get more new balloons than the ones you burst yourself.

Ways to play

There are several ways to play the game:

Round game
If you play round games, you have to get as far in a round as possible before you lose and have to start over. In each round, you must burst a set number of balloons to win. In the first round it's 100 balloons and each round the number increases by 10 balloons. The challenge is that you always start the round with 100 balloons, so it quickly becomes very important to use the plus balloons to get more balloons.

Each round ends with a special sequence where you get the opportunity to burst any excess balloons. Each excess balloon you blow up is carried over to the next round, so it's very important to blow up as many as possible. If you burst them all, you complete the round perfectly and get a token bonus and a power-up.

Every 3 and 24 hours, prizes are awarded to the top 50 players who have completed the highest round.

You can play Challenge on three difficulty levels, which are unlocked as you progress through the game. Normal, Advanced and Expert are unlocked after rounds 5, 15 and 25 respectively. In Challenge, you always get 500 balloons and you need to get as many points as possible before you pop them all. There are still plenty of plus balloons, so you will have to pop a lot more than 500 balloons before you get a place on the high score list.
Here too, token prizes are awarded every 3 and 24 hours to the top 50 players - those who achieve the highest scores.


The number of points you get for blowing up a group of balloons depends on both the number of balloons and the size of the balloons - the more and bigger the balloons you blow up, the more points they score.


When you blow up a balloon with lightning on it, you get a power-up for later use. Power-ups are stored under the game area and are used by pressing them. Some are activated instantly, while others require you to point at the balloon(s) you want to affect.

Initially you can only store one power-up, but each time you complete a round perfectly, you get the opportunity to store one more power-up. You can store a maximum of six power-ups.

Sights- with this power-up you can select a single balloon to shoot down. Useful if it just prevents the gathering of a larger group.

Brush- you can get a brush in every color of the game. Use it to give a single balloon a new color. Effective if a plus balloon is surrounded by balloons of a different color than itself, for example.

Spray can- the spray can is also available in all game colors. With this power-up you can change the color of a whole group of balloons. It's a great way to make even bigger groups.

Random Burst- this power-up bursts five random balloons. This can be useful if the balloons are distributed in such a way that you don't have good opportunities to blow up large groups anyway.

Colored burst- again a power-up that comes in all colors of the game. When you use it, all visible balloons in its color are blown up. It is one of the best power-ups in the game.

Rainbow Burst- with this amazing power-up you can burst all balloons of a color of your choice. By far the best power-up in the game.

Plus sticker- If you need a plus balloon, this is the power-up you need. It can turn a regular balloon into a plus balloon. Especially useful for forming groups with more than one plus balloon.

Tokens and Bonus spin

After each round you are awarded tokens based on your score. Along the way, you also have the opportunity to win a BonusSpin by popping balloon animals in the colors indicated on the raffle board at the bottom left. The prize varies from "rivet" to 25,000 tokens.

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