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In the fun Bubble shooter game the animals are round and jump around like balls. You must gather them into groups of three or more, and get them to fall down the tubes. Every 3 and 24 hours the 50 best players will be awarded major token prizes.


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How to play Bubble Zoo

In Bubble Zoo you are constantly competing against other players in scoring the most points or reaching the highest round. Two parallel competitions are taking place, for each game mode: One that ends every three hours, and one that ends every 24 hours. You can follow the current deadline under the game's high score list, or by keeping an eye on the chat messages. The game is a free balloon game also called aim and shoot Bubble Shooter game and consists of shooting ball-shaped animals into a grid, so they gather in groups of three or more. Each round has a limited amount of animals to shoot, and your goal is always to reveal 9 stars in the top row of animals, while having as many animals as possible drop into the pipes at the bottom of the screen.

Game modes

The game features two modes of play: Rounds, Challenge or Tour de Zoo. The first two modes have their own high score lists, and separate prizes - and you can participate in all competitions at the same time. In the Tour de Zoo, there is no ongoing competitions, but the battle to reach the highest level is still tough. Common to all game modes is that in each round you have a limited number of shots to remove all the animals in the field. If you run out of shots, you lose the round and must start over. Behind each animal in the top row, a star is hiding. You must reveal 9 stars, and then the remaining animals will be released automatically. Are you unsure about how far you are from the top row, you can follow the distance on the rat to the right of the playing area. Round game If you are playing the round game, then the goal of the game is to complete as many rounds as possible before you lose and start over. The difficulty increases continuously, so that there will be more and more animals to remove for each round you complete. If two players have reached the same round, the number of points they achieved determines their placement on the high score list. Challenge Here you play a round of the same difficulty over and over again, with the goal of scoring as many points as possible. If two players have achieved the same score, the player who first gained the score will show at the top of the high score list.  

Tour de Zoo

In Tour de Zoo you travel from one zoo to another. If you complete a level, you can always start from that level again when you lose. Your goal is to get enough points in each level to earn three stars. And then of course to reach as far as possible. You can also always go back to a previous level if you didn't get the three stars the first time you completed it. 


You gain points when the animals loose and drop into the pipes at the bottom of the screen. The number of points you get is determined by the number on the pipe and the number of times the animal has bumped against a balloon. Some balloons count for more than one impact. The number of impacts is multiplied by the number stated on the pipe.


When you remove the animals, balloons will be added, but when you shoot without removing animals, then two balloons will disappear. In order to get many points, you must make sure to have as many balloons as possible. You can have a maximum of seven balloons on the screen at a time, but when you do not have room for more balloons, then they will be upgraded to better balloons. Blue - The ordinary blue balloon multiplies by one. Red - The first upgrade is the red balloon and it multiplies by two. Green - After the red balloons, comes the green ones. They multiply by five. Yellow - Finally, we have the yellow balloons. They multiply by ten.


Special balls occurs randomly along the way - they are the power-ups. They always have a color corresponding to an animal, and they are therefore removed together with the groups of animals in their color. However when they are removed special things happen: Glasses - When you remove the glasses, you get a better line of sight to show more precisely where the animal will land. Double arrow - This removes a whole row of animals, and all animals under it will drop. Ghost - The ghost adds a special ghost balloon who makes extra ghost animals on impact. That way you get more animals to drop into the tubes, and therefore you score more points. If you release a power-up instead of removing it, you will upgrade the value of the tubes it drops into. So for the rest of the round, it will give you additional points.

Tokens and Bonus Spin

After each round you are awarded with tokens based on your score. Along the way, you also have the opportunity to achieve a bonus spin by finding three rare animals. In addition to the tokens that everybody gets, additional prizes will be given to the 50 best players every time a high score competition ends. I.e., every third and 24 hours. The size of this prize depends on how many people play the game. If you have won one of these prizes, you will receive a mail message.

Bubble Zoo is under the Casual games category

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  • Familiar

    This game reminds me of a previous Royal flash game called 'Choo Choo Circus' as the animals fell into objects @ the bottom of the screen to create added points. In the case of that game it was train cars & here its buckets. This one is different as its more like a bubble matching rather than switching game like that one. So far its my favorite game on this site. 8)

  • Love this game

    Very simple and addictive game. Provides hours of fun. You always want to better your last score. There is always some one about to chat to whilst you play.