Neighbor Wars

Are you dreaming about making life miserable for your neighbor? Start here! In Neighbor Wars you and your opponent take turns attacking each other's house, until only one house remains. You can have multiple fights at the same time, and play against both friends and strangers from the chat.




  • Silverfox
    Great Game
    I loved this game.
  • 60willows
    I am so addicted to this game. Best multi-player game so far I hope they make more like this. I never get bored with this game. I play several times a day.
  • CorralReef
    Fantastic Game
    I like this Game and I wish that were more Multiplayer Games here.That were perfect :-) I love to play Games with more People. Yatzy or Bingo Spinner.... Hope to see more Multiplayer Games soon here.
  • Babyface
    Nice game!
    A cool and addictive game where you can demolish the homes of your neighbors (friends). And in between there is a cozy and jolly talk about that in the chat. Nice!
  • esmee3
    This is a funny and addictive game once you found out how it works and what you have to do to win it.