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VOODOOfrom december 14 2017 there can not be any notes anymore as you all know. so then i put it in guestbook for a week so you can see anyway. after that week i will keep them in word, so when you want a level you send an email  with the question and i will send it to you  .

Also thanks to Germany, schneeeule and pummelfee, Holland, Marjaatje and others whoever will help me. 

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  • mjkl


    B go up ladders and via triangles go down all the way take all there is, do this 2 more times, home


    B take al land via triangles go all the way down to last yarn, tp.right, home


    B tp.right tale all, drill 2x on the left take yarn, go left down, take all, drill 2x on the right, take yarn, set 3 bridges, go right, tp. right, tp. up, take all there is on your side exept yarn above door, go 1 step down left ladder, set 2 bridges left, tp. up for yarn, tp. down, go home via yarn, do this with N but in opposite way, home


    G. with setting 11 bridges go up, then tp. up, set bridge left, take left bridgepin, go right up, set bridge, go right, set 4 bridges go right down, drill for key, go right up, set bridge, go right, tp.right, and with setting 6 bridges, go down all the way, set 7 bridges left, go left, plant bean, go up to telepin, tp. up home


    G go left down to bean and left down, go right up 1 step right, plant bean, go up 1 step right, drill take telepin, 1 step back, drill for key, go left all the way, tp.up, take all there is go home


    B go right on triangles, plant bean, go up on blue…..G go right down plant take yarn, go left for yarn, 1 step right…..B off blue….N go left down then right down take all you can…..B on blue…..G drill, go right up plant, and via B take key, go right down take all, go left up take all go left above bean…..B off blue….N plant bean…..G go up plant take right yarn in air, go up go home…..B on blue…..N go up 1 step right on balloon, tp.right, take yarn, go left…..B go up and left above the 2 triangles above door…..N go home….B drill, go home


    B take bean…..G plant bean, go up go right for telepin, go back up plant, set bridge right on bridge…..B tp. up to telepin go on lila…..G tp. up to yarn, go right take all…..N plant bean, go up take all, go left for drillpin, drill…..G drill, go left down, go left on triangles, weigh down, take yarns, go right and down for yarns…..B go right on triangles, all go home


    B take telepin, tp.down to telepin, go right down all the way, plant bean, on the right, go up 3 steps, set bridge right, on bridge, tp. right to bean, 1 step right, plant bean, go up go right, 1 step right, plant bean, go up take yarn, tp. up take right yarn, go back left, tp. down, go down plant, tp. down, 1 step right down, tp. down for yarn, tp. left for bean, go right take all, go left just before long island above, plsant bean, go up half way, tp. left, take yarn, tp. down, go up plant, tp. up, go right up plant, tp. up go home


    B go left down, 1 step left, plant bean, take left yarn and right bean, go up 1 step left, plant bean, go up for telepin go down take left yarn and bridgepin, tp. right, go up plant set bridge to right yarn, go right down on triangle, go left, set bridge, go up plant and again right down, tp. right, take all, 1 step left, tp. down, go right, down, plant bean, on the right, take telepin, go up take left yarn, go back up, tp. up take telepin and with umbrella right on triangle down, go back up plant, tp. up, go left down above last yarn, drill, go home


    G take all left, go right down, go left, tp. up, go right, plant bean on the right go up take all you can tp. left for left yarn, go up, go left down set bridge left to bean, take it, go right up, plant bean on the right, go up take telepin, go 1 step up…..B tp.left take all…..G set bridge right…..B tp. right, go down plant 1 step left…..G take left yarn in air and via B left yarn…..B go left down…..G via B take yarn, go left for bridgepin…..B on triangles…..G take telepin go to door, set bridge left…..B tp. right on bridge…..G via B take yarn, B stand right……G via B take key go home


    G go right all the way take all, go back left on triangles, weigh down 4x, drill, take all, plant bean under gap, go up go left above drillpins, tp. down, 2x, weigh down, take yarn, weigh down, take telepin, tp. down, take telepins, go on triangle, weigh down, tp. left, weigh down 2x more take all, go right up, plant bean, 1 step up, tp. right, go right up, tp. up, go left up, plant bean, go up tp. up, go right up for yarn, tp. right, go up and left above left yarn, tp. down, drill all the way down to key, plant bean, take bean, go up tp. up, go right and down, plant bean, go up, tp. left for yarn, tp. right, 1 step left, drill, tp. down, go left down, tp. right for yarn, plant bean, 1 step up, tp. left take telepin, 1 step right down, tp. down, home


    G take all on the right above, go left down, set bridge for drillpin, go left down on umbrella, go right up set bridge right…..B drill, take candy and with umbrella right down on bridge, go left 1x down…..G via B take candy, go left plant bean, go up set bridge right just above bridgepin, go right for bridgepin, go right down via telepin, to B…..B set bridge…..G via B take candy…..B go up plant on bridge…..G via B take candy….B go right down 1 step right…..G via B go right up, go right for drillpin, tp. right, take all, go left down…..B drill above triangle, set bridge on bridge, tp right, set bridge, on bridge, tp. up, go right…..G drill take bean, go right, tp.right to candy, go left all the way…..B tp. right, go on triangle, plant bean, go up all the way, take left bridgepin, go down, all the way, set bridge right under candy…..G tp. left go up take left bridgepin, go up, set bridge right take candy and telepin, go home…..B go up, tp. left to last candy, home