Help Finding Fate

The game

You must help the journalist Fate find various objects that will be used to reveal the truth in the cases she investigates.

Episodes and Levels

An episode consists of 5 locations/levels. In each level, you must find the objects that are described in boxes below the picture. Also, you have to help Fate find some specific clues, so it is very important that you read what she says, because she gives hints about what to look for. In each level you have to earn a certain number of stars before the next level is unlocked. A new episode is released every month. VIP members can play all episodes. If you are not a vip member, you can only play the episode 1 and 7. However, you have the option of buying access to other episodes.

Loupe and Zoom navigation

You can click on the magnifying glass at the top left to enlarge the image (+) or to reduce the image again (-). If you use a mouse, you can use the scroll wheel instead. Once you have zoomed in on the image, you can move the image around so that you can zoom in on your focus area.

Light bulb

You also have the option of getting help finding an item by clicking on the light bulb at the bottom right. Note that every time you have clicked on the light bulb, 30 seconds pass before you can click on it again. If you use the bulb to help, you get fewer points for completing the level than if you hadn't used it. If you click incorrectly 3 times, the image will be blurred for 5 seconds. You get penalty points for clicking incorrectly, so think twice before clicking on an item.


Once you've cleared all 5 levels in an episode, you have the option to tap Settings->Reset to reset the entire episode and play all 5 levels again. When you have completed the levels once, the option to skip the dialogue appears. 

Game types

In each lane you can choose between 6 game types: Standard, Mirrored, Night, Differences, Silhouette and Anagram. The game types give different points. The more difficult the game type, the more points you score.


You can collect stars by completing challenges. Each challenge consists of different tasks that you have to solve. You can win gold, silver or bronze star depending on how fast you complete the challenge. Some challenges can only be solved by VIP members. New challenges are released every week.