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New tower and free space travel in Tower Empire!
Aug 31st, 2023

For the first time it is now possible to expand your Space empire in Tower Empire with your very own space station!

Space station '23 can be equipped with everything that an alien (and human) heart desires: shopping opportunities, spa stays etc, and if you need some good advice, the space's smartest AI will also be at your disposal!

The time-limited space station, like the permanent space bases, are situated on the space map, which we are making completely free to access for the first time ever. The space map will remain free as long as the space station is available, which will be for the next two months until the end of October. To get there, simply click on the "To Space" icon at the top of the world map and you'll get there straight away.

Take a trip to the Space Station '23 as long this is possible and collect the new medals that are available from today.

Have fun with Space station '23!

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