New tower in Tower Empire!
Apr 28th, 2023

We have reached that time of the year where the weather is getting milder and the ocean currents are slowing down. It can only mean one thing - the trip goes to Atlantis! For the third year in a row, the fabled city is open to outside visitors, and it is therefore time to pack both work clothes and diving equipment to start building your very own underwater tower. To make the job a little easier, we've increased the speed again, so it's possible to retrieve lots of money from the bottom of the sea! In addition to that, we have also made the following changes in Tower:

  • The travel time on all flights is reduced by approximately 50%.
  • It is now possible to skip one trip for free every 24 hours, after that it costs the usual 10 diamonds. 
  • When an event tower (eg Atlantis) expires, one diamond is now awarded per percent of milestones achieved.
  • The speed is generally adjusted in event towers so that they become faster to complete.

As usual, Atlantis is only available temporarily, for two months from the release date. So join from the start to make the most of the time and collect all the new medals!

Have a nice trip and enjoy Atlantis!

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