Tournaments at playtopia.com work as follows: A tournament starts when the minimum amount of participants required to start the tournament is met. When joining a tournament you will be queued and a countdown will start. You can sign up until the countdown expires, but it is important to be ready in the game before the countdown has completely expired if you want to be a part of the tournament from the start.

Tournament prize wins according to the number of participants

The more participants are signed up for a tournament, the higher the amount of tokens you will be able to win. However, there will always be a minimum pool.

Entry fee

To enter a tournament you need to pay an entry fee. The fee goes towards the winnings.

Waiting times

When enough participants have joined the tournament, a countdown will start. The waiting time varies depending on the prize pot. After the tournament has finished, you will be able to join a new tournament.

Tournament tree

When a tournament is running, you will be able to see a tournament tree that shows the progress of the tournament. whether you are in the tournament, or just wanting to spectate the progress of an ongoing tournament.