Christmas in Crime Scene
Dec 14th, 2021
Finally Christmas has arrived in Crime Scene. The Christmas spirit has been killed, Santa has been captured, the Christmas tree has been burned down and someone has hidden the Christmas cake! The suspects may be Santa haters or in the Christmas mood, or maybe...

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Changed medal requirements in Crime Scene
Nov 16th, 2021
We've lowered the requirements for the two most difficult medals in Crime Scene, because it was nearly impossible to obtain them, even for the most experienced players. Drop by in the game and try again!

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New in Crime Scene
Sep 14th, 2021
Today we have added a partner feature to Crime Scene. If you have unlocked two officers, you can now take them both on a mission! When you have a partner on a mission, you have access to both of their abilities. Eg. you can now get extra searches with...

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Districts in Crime Scene
Aug 17th, 2021
We are now ready with some exciting news in Crime Scene, namely districts! The area of ​​the city where you have played so far has been dubbed the "Green District". In Green District, there is a criminal album that is renewed every month - this you already...

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Medals in Crime Scene
Jul 23rd, 2021
We are now ready with the medals for Crime Scene. They are called Basic, Expert, Detective and Sherlock. We wish you a good hunt for both medals and criminals!

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Crime Scene is open for all!
Jul 15th, 2021
After a short and successful test period, we can finally open Crime Scene up for all players today. Put on the uniform, get a large portion of donuts ready, and then make sure that the criminals are put behind bars! We look forward to seeing you in the new...

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Special challenge in Crime Scene!
Jul 14th, 2021
To celebrate our latest game Crime Scene, we have created a special challenge where you have to complete various missions to win the badge and 2 million tokens! The challenge starts today at 11 am! Enjoy!

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New game: Crime Scene!
Jul 13th, 2021
Today we are happy to present our new game Crime Scene to our VIP members! The game will be made available to all other players as well, as soon we are sure that there are no serious errors. It could be tomorrow, or in the worst case scenario, next week. Over...

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