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The game

Yatzy is the well-known dice game where you play with either 5 or 6 dice. Roll the dice and try to get as many points as possible. Rules Types of game and time Combinations Bonus Draw Tactics Star Jackpot Extra features Trophies Rating


A pip on a dice equals one point. Points are achieved when you select a combination on the game sheet. Most combinations give points according to how many pips the dice show, some can give more and there is also the possibility of a bonus.

You have three rolls before you need to select a combination and after each roll you can choose the dice to be kept and which to throw again. To keep a dice, click on it. When you are happy with the outcome, or when the three throws have been used, you choose in the table where to put the combination of the dice. The value of the combination is written in the table, and when the game is over, the winner is the player, with the most points. We would like to make it clear that all types of tactical play ARE ALLOWED in Yatzy and the tourneys. Should arguements arise from people complaining about another players style of play then the instigator will be removed from the game table without warning.

Game types and time

You can choose to play with 5 or 6 dice. With five dice there are 15 different combinations to be entered, with 6 dice there are 20.
There are 3 different time settings to choose from. Red, yellow and green. The red clock means that the game is fast, here there is no time for a coffee break. If you choose the green setting, you have plenty of time to think about tactics, however you may have to wait for your opponents. Yellow setting is a middle solution.

Choose a table with a time setting that suits you.
If you often fail to complete all your lines, you should play at tables with green or even yellow clocks. On the other hand if you find yourself waiting for other users to complete, you may want to go for the red or yellow clocks.

You will not be punished for leaving a game before the round is over, however if you are not done playing, the rest of your game sheet will be marked with 0, and you could end up losing ratings. If, however, you finished playing, you can easily leave and join another table. You receive ratings automatically when the round is over. Whether you see the result screen or not.


Depending on whether you play with 5 or 6 dice, there are some combinations that are worth knowing.

5 Dice

A pair is two similar dice. When two or more pairs must be made, all pairs must be different.
3 of a kind are three dice of the same kind. E.g. 6-6-6 = 18 points
4 of a kind are four dice of the same kind. E.g. 6-6-6-6 = 24 points
House is 2 of a kind and 3 of a kind.They must be different.
Little Straight here you must get the dice 1-5, one of each kind.
Large Straight here you must get the dice 2-6, one of each kind.
Chance is a random combination.
Yatzy is five dice of a kind. You always get 50 points added to the value of the Yatzy.

6 Dice

3 pairs, are 3 different pairs. It can be 2x6, 2x5 and 2x4.
2x3 of a kind are two different "3 of a kind" combinations. It can be 3x5 and 3x6.
Large House (2+4) are "2 of a kind" and "4 of a kind". They must be different.
Royal here you must get the dice 1-6, one of each kind. The combination always gives you 30 points.
Yatzy is 6 of a kind. You always get 50 points added to the value of the Yatzy.


Besides the already mentioned combinations, there are bonus points which can be won by filling the top of the table, and in this reach a total of respectively 63 (5 dice) and 84 (6 dice) points. 

To get a bonus you must get an average of 3, 4 or 8 of each kind.

During the game, the bonus field may show a (+) or (-) numbers which help to figure out how many points you are ahead or behind in the top six fields in order to obtain the bonus.

Ie in a game with 6 dice where you have to have four of each in the upper fields, and you only get three ones, the bonus field will then show (-1), for the missing point. If you then get 5 threes, that is one more than the requirement of 4, you then get 3 extra points but you are missing 1 of the ones, which in total are (+2). This means that you can just get three deuces instead of four and still get the bonus if you hit four fives and four sixes because you are 2 points ahead. The field will then show (0) and subsequently (50) when you have received the bonus.

Draw Score

If more players have the same score, one can still win over the other. The order of highest ranking will actually be calculated as follows:

1. Highest number of points
2. Highest yatzy (if any)
3. Fewest dice used to achieve score
4. Shortest time used


To get many points and win the game is the big goal and it requires both luck but also a sensible tactic.

One obvious tactic is to go for the bonus of 50 points. This is achieved by getting 3 ones, 3 twos, 3 threes and so on. So three of each in the upper six fields. If you play with 6 dice, it requires 4 of each dice.

It can be a good tactic to get the 1s, 2s and 3s first. It is advantageous to use five of a kind in the upper fields rather than further down the game sheet, as you will get ahead on points and easily obtain the bonus, even if you do not have to get as many of the remaining. If you need to skip a combination, you obviously should consider the combination severity versus how many points you can potentially gain if it succeeded. Yatzy is very difficult to achieve, but also provides many points, versus 4 or 5 of a kind is a little easier to achieve. Confronted with the choice between small and large straight, the choice is easy. They are both just as difficult to obtain but large straight gives more points.

Star Jackpot

When playing yatzy the Star Jackpot counts automatically. The more players there are at the table, the faster the jackpot is counting. The jackpot will be paid to the user or users who scores enough points, ie 330 points (5 dice) and 450 points (6 dice). If more players score enough points, they share the jackpot.

Extra features

To help the experienced user, there are a few extra features.
Hold more dice: Right click: If you right-click on a dice that you just rolled, all dice with the same pips will be held.
Highlight opponents: You can click on your opponents' names on the score list to view their score and get it displayed next to your score.
Watch: If you play in a room but you would rather like to watch, you can click on the eye button in the sidebar. Then you are automatically a spectator in the next round instead of a player


If you are skilled and lucky, you are able to collect trophies as a reward. You find your trophy collection on the Yatzy landing page by clicking on the medal icon at the bottom right. Some trophies can be very difficult to achieve.


If you play and win a game with many players, you will obviously win more rating than if you were to win a game with only a few players. If you have over 2000 ratings and you have been inactive for a long period of time, you risk losing ratings. This can be avoided by being active in the game.