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Our iconic Route 66 slot is a classic one-armed Slot machine - just like you remember it from the arcade! Route 66 includes Flash, Racetrack, Parkinglot, Nudge, Line Play and many other exciting features. You could also be lucky enough to win the big pot in the Bank.


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Route 66 - Happy Hour and VIP Games image
Route 66 - Happy Hour and VIP Games
Mar 5th, 2024
We have changed our selection of VIP games a little bit. Route 66 will from now on once again be a VIP game, while Diamond Rush will now be available for everyone. The change will be marked by a Happy Hour in Route 66, where...
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New medals in Route 66
Feb 26th, 2024
After having the same medals in Route 66 for the past 15 years at least, 4 new ones have finally been added! They are called Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. They are specifically made for those of you who have been playing...
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How to play Route 66

Route 66 is one of our most popular slot games

This slot contains many different and exciting games that you have the chance to win: Speed Limit, Parking lot, Racetrack Game, Las Vegas Game, Nudge, Flash and many more. You can read more about the different games on this page.

Racetrack Game

Achieved by 3 x Orange, Lemon or Cherry (when all three arrows are lit simultaneously on the green paytable). It can also be achieved through Flash. The game gives a flash at the start and is then active for 5 games. A sheriff star in the game gives a win.


Achieved by 3 x Bar or 3 x Plum (when all three arrows are lit at the same time on the red scoreboard) or by 3 x Cactus Plant. The light flashes between the different fields and pays on the field where the light stops. If the light stops on 5 Lines, 3 Lines or Super Hold, Scratch Magic is started to determine the number of games won.

Scratch Magic

Scratch Magic is started when 5 Lines, 3 Lines or Super Hold is reached. Here, 2 identical numbers must be scratched to determine the number of games won. The fields contain 20, 30 and 40 games won respectively.


Achieved from Racetrack Game, Flash or Parkinglot. The rollers move around to provide a starting point for the game. The number of nudges won is added to the Nudge bank and the rollers can now be rotated the number of times there are Nudges in the bank. The rollers are rotated using the arrow buttons under each roller.

The game stops when there is a win on an active line, when there are no more nudges in the nudge bank or by pressing the Spin button. Remaining nudges not used in the game are saved in the nudge bank. A maximum of 20 nudges can be saved in the nudge bank.

Super Flash

Accessed from Racetrack Game, Flash or Parkinglot. All fields turn on and then turn off a little at a time while the rollers are running. The last lighted field or roller wins.

High Low

Achieved from Flash. The object of the game is to guess whether the next card drawn will be bigger or smaller than the current card. You guess "bigger" or "smaller" using the arrow buttons. If you guess correctly, you get the opportunity to guess again. You can always choose to take the Nudge and stop the game. If you guess wrong, you get 2 Nudge and the game stops. You can win from 2-10 Nudge and "Nudge to win", symbolized by the star.

Super Hold

Achieved from Flash. When Super Hold is achieved, Scratch Magic is first started, where scratches are made to determine the number of games won. Super Hold is active for the number of games won and allows you to make hold after hold. However, it is not possible to hold a win.

3 Lines

Achieved from Racetrack Game, Flash or Speed Limit. When 3 Lines is achieved, Scratch Magic is first started, scratching to determine the number of games won. 3 Lines are active for the number of games won.

5 Lines

Achieved from Racetrack Game, Flash or Speed Limit. When 5 Lines are achieved, Scratch Magic is first started, scratching to determine the number of games won. 5 Lines is active for the number of games won and all 5 lines are active.

Top Game

Accessed from Flash or Speed Limit. The light flashes between Bonus, Extra and Super.

Bonus, Extra and Super

The light flashes in the corresponding fields.

Speed Limit

Achieved by 3 x Speed Limit or via Optional Game. The game is active for 10 games and consists of a horizontal column with 6 fields and a roulette wheel with 6 fields. The sheriff star gives a step in the game. When the horizontal bar is lit, a Sheriff Star will cause a rotation in the roulette.


Achieved by 3 x Parking signs, Flash or via Optional game. The game is active for 5 to 10 games and consists of a game board with 63 fields. Rolling the dice moves the lights corresponding to the squares shown by the eyes on the dice. If the cube is held down, it does not move.

The game board contains the following:

15 fields with prizes from 20 to 600
3 fields with extra shots
4 fields with Conveyor Belt
3 fields with Skull (game over)
2 fields with Racetrack Game
2 fields with Flash
1 field with 2 Nudge
1 field with 4 Nudge

Las Vegas Game

Achieved by 3 x Las Vegas or via Optional Game. The game is active for 15-20 games and consists of 3 vertical bars with 7 squares. Rolling the dice moves the lights the number of squares that the eyes show on the dice. If you hold on Dice, the lights do not move. In Line Play, the winning line is selected before the vertical bar is selected. A lit horizontal row gives 40 + one step in the paytable. A lit Payout row (marked in green) triggers a win from the paytable. The size of the win depends on the number of lit horizontal rows. While the game is in progress, a six will give an extra game.

Optional Game

3 x Route 66 triggers optional game between Speed Limit, Parkinglot and Las Vegas Game.

Jackpot Game

Achieved from Racetrack Game, Speed Limit, Parkinglot or Las Vegas Game. The game is active for the number of games won (20, 40 or 60) and counts down after the first jackpot win. The game consists of a roulette wheel with 7 fields. When Bar is hit on the center line, a flash is given in the roulette.

If Line Game is active when Jackpot Game is reached, Line Game will pause until Jackpot Game is over.


It is a good idea to have some Nudge saved up so that during a Line Game where Nudge is won, Nudge can be used to play a Speed Limit or Las Vegas Game.

Optional game
If you have Line Games, it is an advantage to choose Las Vegas Game or Speed Limit, as it is possible to go far in these games and win bigger prizes. If you don't have Line Games, you can choose Parkinglot, where it is possible to get 20 Jackpot Games.

Line Games
During a Line Game, it is a good idea not to use Auto Spin, as you should go for Speed Limit, Las Vegas Game or Flash. Holds on smaller wins can therefore be canceled.

Ending the game

To end the game, click the "Exit" button in the bottom left corner. If you quit the game, your Nudge will not be saved for the next game.

If you still have tokens in the slot, they will automatically be added to your profile when you exit the game.

Paying out tokens

For security reasons, we update players' tokens every 2 minutes to avoid losing all won tokens in case of a game crash. Therefore, the token count in the profile will not always match the final result as they have been inserted continuously during the game.

The history of the famous Route 66 in the USA

Route 66, also known as "Main Street of America" or "Mother Road," is a famous road in the United States that stretched from Chicago, Illinois, to Santa Monica, California. It became a symbol of American road trip culture and an icon of travel and adventure.

Originally established in 1926, Route 66 served as a major trade route between the Midwest and West Coast of the United States. It stretched over 2,400 miles (approximately 3,862 kilometers) and crossed through eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

The road quickly became popular with travelers, tourists and migrants seeking work and opportunity in the West. It was known for its iconic landmarks, authentic American small towns, motels, gas stations, cafes and shops along the route. Route 66 became a symbol of the American Dream and the spirit of freedom and adventure.

Traveling Route 66 was an experience in itself. It took you through diverse landscapes, from the flat prairies of the Midwest to the lush mountains of Arizona and New Mexico, ending at the Pacific beaches of California. Along the way, you could experience a mix of cultural diversity, history and unique sights.

Some of the most iconic sights along Route 66 include Cadillac Ranch in Texas, Wigwam Village motels in Arizona and California, the Route 66 Museum in Oklahoma, and the famous "Tucumcari Tonight" commercial in New Mexico. Each stop along the way had its own charm and contributed to the rich history and culture that surrounds Route 66.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Route 66 was gradually replaced by the modern highway system, and in 1985 it was officially removed as a national highway. Many sections of the road are still passable and have been preserved as historic routes or local roads. They still attract many visitors and enthusiasts who want to relive the nostalgia and charm of Route 66's heyday.

Route 66 is more than just a road. It symbolizes an era of American history, adventure, freedom and openness to new experiences. Although it is no longer a major highway, it has left an indelible impression on American culture and continues to inspire people from around the world to explore and experience the classic American road trip experience.

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