Diamond Rush

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Pack the mine cart with picks and dynamite, because the have been struck by the diamond fever! Go on a quest for wanted gems and try to win one of the big jackpots in the mine shafts.


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How to play Diamond Rush

The game

Diamond Rush is an entertaining western slot machine with nine reels and several mini-games. You are in the wild west where you have to collect diamonds and other precious stones by exploring the mine. Wins are triggered by getting three identical symbols on a line. It can be done horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Every time you get a win by getting three symbols on a line, you get a double multiplier. On the game's prize screen, you can see how much profit the various symbols give.

Wanted Game

In Wanted Game, you must look for a specific gem on the middle horizontal line before you run out of spins. You can see how many spins you have left under the Wanted field. When you find a gem, it triggers a win equal to the value of the gem. If you have collected enough gems, you also get a multiplier that can go up to eight times. If you find all the gems you win a Jackpot Flash. You get a Wanted Game by getting three Wanted Game symbols in a row.

Diamond Chase

In Diamond Chase, you enter the mine to search for diamonds, using dynamite to pave the way. Click on one of the squares with a dynamite on it to blast the rocks away and if you're lucky you might find a diamond under them. There are a total of five diamonds in the mine and if you find them all, you win a Jackpot Flash. You have a total of 25 dynamite and when you run out of them, the game ends. You can play Diamond Chase by getting three Diamond Chase symbols in a line or win it in Game Flash.

Miners Maze

In Miners Maze, you venture into the mine to search for lost treasure, using the mine cart to navigate. When you first arrive at the mine, you are given a number of dice rolls, which can be seen to the right of the large dice. The minecart moves by rolling the dice and then moving it the number of fields shown by the dice. If the cart encounters an intersection or a dead end, you can choose which direction it should go by clicking on one of the arrows. When you roll a six with the dice, you get another roll. If you hit a star you get a star jump which you can use to jump to one of the stars in the mine by clicking on them. Miners Maze ends when you find all the treasure chests or run out of dice rolls. You can play Miners Maze by getting three Miners Maze symbols in a line or win it in Game Flash.

Game Flash

When you get a Game Flash you can be lucky to win Tokens, Diamond Chase, Miners Maze or Jackpot Flash. You get a Game Flash by getting three Game Flash symbols in a row.

Jackpot Flash

Jackpot Flash is where the big wins can be won! You can either win the Jackpot or the Super Jackpot. Jackpot is a win of at least 10,000 tokens and it grows every time you start a spin. The Super Jackpot is at least 100,000 tokens and it grows every time a spin is started by you or your fellow players who are also playing Diamond Rush. You can play Jackpot Flash by winning it in Wanted Game, Diamond Chase, Miners Maze and Game Flash.

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    A good game, fairly addictive but could be better, maybe having a nudge/hold function would help.

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