Circus visit and new medals in Tokyo!
Jun 6th, 2024
The time has come for Tokyo to be visited by the traveling Circus in Tower Empire! In the coming week, the Circus Mini game will be available again at the top of the tower. So hop into Tokyo and boost your earnings by opening the right door! In addition, we...

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New feature in Tower Empire
Jan 25th, 2024
We've made two small changes to Tower Empire: Your floor index must now also use special managers in elevator and delivery to reach 100%. When you click to show the milestones, you can now also choose to show only the ones you are missing, where before...

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Circus visits Winterdale
Jan 21st, 2024
Yet again, the circus has taken over the roof of a tower, this time in Winterdale. Play the minigame with three doors and boost your income if you're lucky. And even if you don't get the right door, you will be able to gain a consolation prize. The circus...

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New features in Tower Empire
Dec 7th, 2022
Last week Farm Empire got a piggy bank and a faster daily bonus, and today Tower Empire gets the same options. Firstly, it is now possible to collect your daily bonus (diamonds) with a single visit to the shop. If you are a VIP member, there will be 30...

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Hunting for milestones
Oct 11th, 2022
In this retrenchment period, we want to help you economise on diamonds. We have modified the button "Buy 100 levels for 200 diamonds". Now you can instead buy up to the next milestone, for 2 diamonds per level.  Happy hunting for milestones 🙂

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New tower in Tower Empire
Jan 3rd, 2022
Igloos, snowmen and ice skating - we start 2022 with a visit to the fantastic, snow-covered city of Winterdale, where you can build your very own ice tower. Expand your empire to the usually inaccessible winter city right down in the Arctic and tailor your...

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New tower and money gifts in Tower Empire!
Oct 29th, 2021
This time we take you on a trip back to the USA with the goal of building a very special tower. It's time to build your very own rocket! During the construction of the rocket, you will help to equip it with both fun and necessary floors completely in the...

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Offers in Tower Empire!
Oct 15th, 2021
To celebrate the Fall Break and Halloween Month, there are now great deals offered in Tower Empire. This means that now, and for the next two weeks, you can get the following for half price in the Boost Store: - 50% on all timewarps - 50% on permanent...

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New tower in Tower Empire!
Aug 31st, 2021
Gold, jewels and amazing experiences - this time we are going to Dubai! In this beautiful Arab city you can get rich on adventures and poor on shopping, all at the same time! Fill your skyscraper with expensive, luxurious shops and well-known shopping chains...

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Extra diamonds in Tower Empire tomorrow
Aug 23rd, 2021
As many of you know, we run this website in several countries. For a while we have been running a live stream on our Danish website, where our streamer Mathias shows off the different games and hosts cooperative events with prizes. For this Tuesday he will be...

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Offers and permanent price drops in Tower and Farm Empire!
Aug 19th, 2021
In about a week and a half the access to Atlantis will unfortunately be closed due to the strong currents outside the summer season... However, we have chosen to help you along the way with some really good offers in both the diamond and boost shop! That way...

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EURO 2021 in Tower Empire!
Jul 5th, 2021
On the occasion of the UEFA EURO 2021, lots of footballs are now appearing in different places on the floors of all the towers. When you collect one of these footballs, you automatically get a diamond! Participate in the EURO football event starting now until...

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Summer Deals in Tower Empire!
Jun 21st, 2021
On the occasion of the release of our new summer tower in Tower Empire next Tuesday, we have made some special offers that will hopefully help you on your way to completing the towers you have right now. The new tower will be available for two months! From...

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News in Tower Empire
May 10th, 2021
Mr. Shiny has apparently been sunstroked, because he has decided to sell airplanes at sky-high prices. If you buy his most expensive airplane, you can shorten your travel time from 5 minutes to just 15 seconds! He also has a selection of cheaper models that...

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New tower in Tower Empire!
Apr 29th, 2021
Carnival, beach, party and colors - this time the new tower opens in Rio! Explore the Brazilian tower and find everything your heart desires: food, clothes and good experiences. In addition, you will of course also meet new managers - and you never know who...

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Mr. Shiny
Apr 8th, 2021
Several have asked us about whether Mr. Shiny is coming back from his Easter vacation, but unfortunately he does not. He told us that he has put some diamonds aside for himself and now wants to use them to start a new business. We all have to wait and see...

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Easter in Tower Empire
Mar 28th, 2021
Easter has landed in Tower Empire! You can now go hunting for Easter eggs, which are found in different places on the floors. Collect Easter eggs and get diamonds as a prize! Our dear Mr. Shiny hates Easter and has gone out of town, so he can no longer be...

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New medals in Tower Empire!
Mar 22nd, 2021
Today we have medals for you in our newest tower in Rome. Enter the game Tower Empire and try to win all 4 medals!

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New tower in Tower Empire!
Mar 16th, 2021
We are ready with a new tower for you in Tower Empire, and this time we’re taking you to Rome! There are plenty of Italian shops you can explore. See if you can collect them all and also hire all the new Italian managers! The medals for the new tower will be...

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News in Tower Empire
Dec 23rd, 2020
While we continue to work on creating new towers, we have added the option to reset the existing towers. It works exactly as you know it from Farm Empire. You get a star when you reset, and then you can rebuild your tower from scratch. Unlike Farm Empire...

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