Easter Offer, Colorful Cues and New Features

Easter Offer, Colorful Cues and New Features image
Mar 26th, 2024

Easter is approaching fast, which is why we have some special Easter-treats that hopefully will make your Pool-days even more colorful! To begin with, we added an Easter offer to the pool-shop that will be available from the 26th of march up to and including the 1st of April. This offer can be purchased up to 3 times per user and contains chalk in different colors as well as 999 golden balls. In relation to this shop-offer, we are also adding three new purchasable pool cues to the shop. These are the two basic cues, “Indigo” and “Forest Green” as well as the legendary “Lightning” cue. In addition to these three cues, the upcoming Pool-Pass that releases on the first of April, will also have two new, Easter themed cues. They are called “Colorful Eggs” and “Easter Basket”, and contain both the Easter bunny as well as eggs in various colors and sizes! Finally, a new feature has been added where you can automatically mute your opponent before the game even starts in the settings menu. We have also adjusted the rails so the balls lose a bit more speed when colliding with them to better reflect a real pool table.

Happy holidays and enjoy the new content in Pool!

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