Shiny assets in Farm Empire!
Apr 13th, 2023

Now there's even more to collect in Farm Empire, cause assets can now be upgraded to "shiny" assets. A shiny asset has a yellow frame, shining stars, and a glowing aura. In addition, they earn 25% more than regular assets. If you manage to get a shiny asset, you keep it forever - even after resetting your empire, you will still have your shiny asset. And that's important, because shiny assets are very rare. You shouldn't expect to find more than one per month. However, the chance is a bit higher in event empires like Easter Island. So it's a long-term project to get all the shiny assets. But there's a little help available for those who have been playing for a long time. The stars you've earned for resetting an empire can be exchanged for shiny assets. One star for one asset. You'll find this option at the bottom of the boost shop. It will also be possible to win a shiny asset through our live stream. To introduce the shiny assets, we've made it so that the first asset bought after this update will be shiny. Do you choose an asset on Easter Island because you will never be able to get it again, to gain a future advantage on the highscore list, or do you choose an asset in a fixed country you play a lot? The choice is yours.

All the latest updates to Farm Empire:

  • Rare shiny assets with 25% higher earnings than regular assets.  
  • Stars can be exchanged for shiny assets. 
  • Travel time for all aircrafts decreased by approximately 50%. 
  • One travel can be skipped for free each 24 hours. Skipping more than one costs 10 golden eggs as before. 
  • When an event empire expires (E.g. Easter Island), 1 golden egg is rewarded for each milestone percentage reached, and not 2 golden eggs as before. 
  • Event empires are generally faster to complete than they have been in the past. 
  • Optional scientific notation. AA notation is still the standard notation style, and it's also still possible to use long number names.

Happy hunting for shiny assets in Farm Empire!

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