Farm Empire on Steam
Mar 1st, 2023

Farm Empire has for many years been the most popular game on Playtopia, and now the time has come for the game to be tried outside our own little world. On March 23, Farm Empire will be released on Steam, which is a platform where many different games from several different developers, can be downloaded and played. In this regard, we need your help to increase the visibility of the game on the Steam platform. The more players who follow the game and add the game to their wishlist on Steam, the greater the chance that the Steam platform will show the game to new players. There are therefore 300 golden eggs for everyone who adds the game to their Steam wishlist and connects their Steam profile with their Playtopia profile. Guide: 1. Create a profile at Steam: 2. Set your profile's visibility to public and set game details to public:

3. Add Farm Empire to your Steam wishlist: 4. Connect your Steam account with your Playtopia account: 5. Start Farm Empire and receive 300 gold eggs:

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Farm Empire is now on Steam! image
Farm Empire is now on Steam!
Mar 23rd, 2023
Farm Empire is now on Steam and we're very excited to see how many new players will stop by to play. For all of you who have already played Farm Empire, you now have the opportunity to quickly complete what Steam calls...
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New Episode and challenges in Finding Fate
Mar 14th, 2023
Finally the time has come once more: a brand new episode of Finding Fate is now available! Follow along as Fate continues to investigate her past. Where will her journey take her? Hop in the game and find out! And of course the...

Finding Fate
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Offer in Farm Empire image
Offer in Farm Empire
Mar 8th, 2023
Dear Farm Empire player From now until Wednesday next week you have a unique opportunity to acquire both Boost Coins and Golden Eggs in the game. We offer 1,500 golden eggs with a 25% discount and as a bonus we give you on top...
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Changes in Mahjong 3
Mar 6th, 2023
From this week on, we will be making some adjustments in our beloved Mahjong game. Over the years, we've uploaded a great amount of levels in the game every week. But unfortunately, the sheer amount of books filled with levels...

Mahjong 3
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