New tournament system
Feb 8th, 2023

The new system allows each user to choose their own entry fee to participate in a tournament, this means that everyone can participate in the same tournament, whether you are rich or poor in tokens. If you get a placement in the top 3, you win tokens accordingly to your entry fee.

If you are a VIP member you can now create your own tournaments. You can choose to hold a tournament only for your friends, for VIP members or open for all. You can also choose to put a password on your tournament so you can control who can participate. 

At the top of the tournament you can now also see a URL button, if you click on it, you copy the tournament's URL to the clipboard and easily share the link to your friends or to those you would like to invite to participate.

Furthermore, a new game has been added to the list of tournament games. Puzzle Parade's three modes Push, Plug and Plus can now be played in tournaments.  At the top of the overview, you can now see the tournament you have joined. And one last little bonus feature, it is now possible on Challenges and Medals to see Top 20 lists.   

We hope that the new system will provide you lots of fun with the tournaments!


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