New features in Tower Empire
Dec 7th 2022

Last week Farm Empire got a piggy bank and a faster daily bonus, and today Tower Empire gets the same options. Firstly, it is now possible to collect your daily bonus (diamonds) with a single visit to the shop. If you are a VIP member, there will be 30 diamonds as always, and for regular users still 15. On top of the diamonds, a x5 boost coin will be activated when you claim your bonus. It is active for 5 minutes, so make sure you play effectivly after you have claimed your bonus. If you just want to collect the diamonds while playing, you can of course still do so. Secondly, we added a piggy bank, which fills with diamonds while you're playing the game. It can always be emptied for 9 USD, but the yield is greatest when it is completely filled up with 1000 diamonds. The piggy bank is currently filled according to the following rules: Resetting a tower gives 100 diamonds. Completing daily task gives 25 diamonds. Using boost coin gives 5 diamonds. Collecting diamonds from diamond mine gives 2 diamonds. Using diamonds gives 1 diamond. Have fun with the new features in Tower Empire.

Tower Empire