Gold bars for VIP members!
Nov 8th 2022

We have already mentioned this last week, but now they are here - gold bars at Playtopia! Gold bars are a new prize type that can only be won by VIP members in many different ways. Gold bars can be exchanged to golden eggs, diamonds, donuts and the other things that you can buy in the different games. As a VIP member, you can win gold bars in the following:  - Rank increase  - Medals  - Challenges  - Tournaments  - In-game purchases in the Shops and purchases for VIP memberships  - During live streams and on special occasions Furthermore: Since many of you have already achieved a high rank in several games, we have also made it possible to reset the rank so that you can achieve rank increases again. Rank reset can be done when your rank is 100 or above. Upon reset, you get a crown, which on the highscore lists counts for 100 in rank. This will keep your position on the highscore list even if you reset your rank. Note that when resetting a rank above 100, you will not drop back completely to rank 0, but simply lose XP equal to rank 100. Finally there are two more additions:  - For several games, the prize for obtaining a medal has been changed from tokens to e.g. golden eggs, diamonds and donuts. On top of that prize, there are gold bars for VIP members.  - In the past week, you received golden eggs and diamonds whenever your friends made a purchase in the Farm Empire and Tower Empire shops. From today you will receive gold bars instead, which can be freely exchanged so you can use them in your favorite games. You can see your stock of gold bars and exchange them on the VIP page. Have fun with your gold bars, and good luck in your hunt for crowns.