Great new VIP benefits
Oct 27th 2022

To ensure that we live up to the no-stakes rules, we have today changed the benefits for our VIP members. We can no longer issue extra tokens to VIP members as this gives a theoretical advantage in the prize draws. Instead, we have introduced a number of new benefits that we hope will make being a VIP member even more fun. Changes:

  • Everyone now gets 4 scratch cards a day, but only VIP members can win the golden eggs and diamonds prizes.
  • Everyone can now achieve a rank higher than 5.
  • Everyone can reset their rank towards getting a gold star as known from Farm Empire and Tower Empire (coming soon).
  • Everyone can have up to 500 friends.
  • Everyone gets the same number of tokens in shared prizes, and can save the same amount of shared prizes.
  • Everyone pays tokens to participate in tournaments.  - Everyone can have three active challenges.

With these changes, it is only your skills and your time spent in the games that determine how many tokens you have available for the prize draws. For our VIP members, there will be a wide range of new benefits during the next week. New VIP benefits:

  • You will receive 5 golden eggs in Farm Empire every time a friend buys golden eggs (coming Friday).
  • You will receive 5 diamonds in Tower Empire every time a friend buys diamonds (coming Monday)
  • Rank increases are rewarded with gold bars that can be freely exchanged for golden eggs, diamonds, donuts or golden apples (coming soon).
  • Tournament victories and new challenges are also rewarded with gold bars (coming soon).
  • On your birthday every year you will receive a secret number of gold bars (coming soon).

We are very much looking forward to giving you the new gold bars, and hope you will find it convenient to receive even more gold eggs, diamonds, etc. And of course there are a number of VIP benefits that will not be changed. Unchanged VIP benefits:

  • As a VIP member, you can play all games where there are otherwise three locked games each week.
  • As a VIP member, every day you can collect extra golden eggs in Farm Empire, diamonds in Tower Empire, golden apples in Bingo Spinner and donuts in Crime Scene.
  • As a VIP member, you can gain access to high-performance VIP egg farms and VIP diamond mines in Farm Empire and Tower Empire.
  • As a VIP member, you can play all episodes of Finding Fate.
  • As a VIP member, you can have a favorite list of your best friends.
  • As a VIP member, you can see all image galleries and create your own.