New game: Diamond Rush
Sep 7th 2022

We are off to the Wild Wild West, where the hunt for diamonds is on. Diamond Rush is a classic slot machine where you spin to get three in a row. The slot has nine reels, eight lines to win on and three fun mini-games: Miner's Maze, Diamond Chase and Wanted.

In Miner's Maze, you must roll the dice and guide your cart through the mine to lots of exciting chests. In Diamond Chase, you have to blast your way to a whole new mine shaft, and hopefully find loads of diamonds along the way. Wanted is a game on the reels where you can get huge multipliers, which are active if you win one of the other games as well along the way.

There is also a Jackpot that you get to keep all to yourself and a huge Super Jackpot that can be won by all players.

Set the slot on auto spin, watch the tokens roll into your account and use them in one of our many cool prize draws. 

Have fun with Diamond Rush.