New tower in Tower Empire
Aug 31st 2022

Your moon bases are almost completed, so now it's time to set course for the next target in the solar system - namely Mars, the red planet! TESA (Tower Empire Space Agency) has big ambitions to build giant skyscrapers on Mars. However, their leading aerospace architect is on maternity leave, so this time they have chosen an easier solution. A single tower is to be built on Mars, in the same design as the one we know from the Moon. A reliable and functional design that, with its 7 well-known floors, will probably make you filthy rich. You will find that the tower on Mars looks a bit like the tower on the Moon. But fear not, TESA has learned a lot on the Moon and expects the tower on Mars to be built at least twice as fast! Remember that you still have to finish building the rocket, in Cape Canaveral, before you can travel into space for free. Put on the space suit on and have a great time on Mars!