New tower in Tower Empire
Jan 3rd 2022

Igloos, snowmen and ice skating - we start 2022 with a visit to the fantastic, snow-covered city of Winterdale, where you can build your very own ice tower.

Expand your empire to the usually inaccessible winter city right down in the Arctic and tailor your tower to meet the needs of all residents. For example, who does not need a bath in a hot spring in such a climate?

Winterdale is only available temporarily for approx. two months from the date of release, as the ice on the sea and the snowstorms around the city are otherwise too violent during the rest of the year, making the city impossible to reach otherwise. You will be able to see the number of days that Winterdale is available directly in the game, both on the world map as well as when you are in the tower itself.

The medals for the winter tower are coming later today, so you can start collecting them right away!

Have a nice trip to Winterdale!

Tower Empire