Nov 10th 2021

We have updated the tournaments and will run a test period with some changes in the registration system, which is explained below.

The larger the participation fee, the longer the time for a tournament to start.
We have 4 categories of tournaments with different token prizes for participation:
5,000, 50,000, 200,000 & 500,000

We are working right now with different time intervals and you will experience different waiting times on the different tournament types.
This is to test what gives the best result for everyone with the most playing time and least waiting time.

We have also made it possible to open the game as soon as you have registered for a tournament.

We are working on holding extra large tournaments on selected evenings, where there will be higher prizes - keep an eye on the page to see when this is ready.

We hope the new changes will give you a better and more simple overview of the tournaments.

We are happy to receive feedback on the new system, so if you have any input, please write to Support.

Good luck in the tournaments!