Help Wonder Match

The game

Wonder Match appears to be a traditional three-in-a-row game, but you soon discover that there is a significant difference. In Wonder Match all players play on the same large game board - you can thus meet the other players and watch them make three-in-a-row moves in the middle of your game! When the others make a match, they leave you with gold matches that gives you points. In addition, the object in most levels is primarily to guide your crystal ball down to the target area at the bottom of the level. Along the way you must collect symbols, and often you have a limited number of moves. You can create luminous power symbols that can explode parts or even the entire game board and score massive points so you can get the much-coveted stars.


Your goal in Wonder Match is to obtain as many stars as possible. You do this by completing the game's levels. Each level can give 1-3 stars - always depending on how many points you get.


How many points you get depends on how many symbols you get in a row. If you match 3 identical symbols you score 10 points, and this rises with 10 for each continuously match. If you make 4 or more in a row, you score more points and create power symbols which in turn can give even more points.

Power symbols

Bomb - a luminous symbol that burst surrounding symbols. Row - a symbol with arrows left and right, that burst all the symbols in the row. Column - a symbol with arrows up and down, that burst all symbols above and below. Rainbow - a multi-coloured symbol that can be combined with any other symbol to burst all the symbols of the type. You can also combine the rainbow symbol with the other power symbols to obtain extreme pointgiving effects.

Level objects

There are various objects in each level. Here is a list of the most commonly used: Get the crystal ball down to the target - in each level you see a crystal ball with your profile picture. To win the level, you need to get the crystal ball down to the target area at the bottom. The meter at the right side of the image shows how many lines there are to the target. Collect symbols - in some levels you must collect symbols of a specified colour. You do this by matching them. You match three in a row, you collect three symbols. Collect gold matches - gold matches are left by other players when they make a match. If you make a gold match, you will collect the gold matches yourself and score extra points. Collect crystal balls - some symbols have a crystal ball shadow in the background - to collect it, you must place your crystal ball on the symbol. In addition, there will often be a limited number of moves to solve the level. If you reach the target before you collect the required symbols, or if you don't reach the target with the required number of moves, you lose the level.


You win tokens by completing the levels. Each completed level triggers a Bonus Spin, where you can win up to 5,000 tokens, or even the bank where the amount ranges between about 50,000 and 100,000 tokens.