Help Wild Hands

Wilds Hands is a variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors which is played with cards. Each player has ten cards, three with each symbol and one with the special "wild" symbol that beats everything.

The game takes place over three rounds. In each round, each player plays three cards. Their position opposite the opponent's card determines whether you win or lose the round. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock. Once you have placed your cards, you will have the opportunity to see your opponent's cards, and then you can move the position of the cards. If you win a total of two rounds, you win the match.

When you win a match, you are awarded a rating, based on how much difference there is between your own and your opponent's rating. If you win over a high-rated opponent, you get more than if you win over a low-rated opponent. Your opponent loses the corresponding rating, and vice versa if it is you who loses. The game will, as far as possible, try to match you but an opponent with a similar rating.

You get tokens to win rounds. 500 tokens per win, so a total of between 0 and 1,000 for a match.

Shop and golden rocks
In the game shop you can buy golden rocks, which can be used to buy new symbols and cards. You also gain a golden rock for each round you win. If you are a VIP member, you gain twice the amount of rocks.