Help Voodoo Friends

The game

One day, the three friends and voodoo dolls Newton, Bacon and Ghost discover a very mysterious book. The book is full of magic words, but one of them particularly catches their attention. Yarnzilla - the largest Voodoo doll in the world - can be conjured up by the help of yarn. Lots of yarn! Actually, they are not quite sure how much yarn they will need, but nevertheless, they venture into the world to find yarn. It is your job to help your voodoo friends to find yarn. In each level, there are between 3 and 10 balls of yarn. To get a 3 star score, you need to collect them all! You can also settle for a lower score by leaving some of the balls of yarn behind.

The voodoo dolls

It is easy to control the voodoo dolls. All you have to do is to click on the doll you wish to move. Then, you click on the spot you want the doll to go to. It doesn't need to be close - the doll will always choose the shortest way to the spot you clicked on. If there is at least one way to that spot, that is. The voodoo dolls can survive a fall from no more than two steps, and two dolls cannot be on the same step. However, each voodoo doll has special abilities:
  • Newton - is the smallest voodoo doll in the world. Nevertheless, he is the leader of the three friends. Because of his size, he is able to crawl where the others can't walk.
  • Bacon - he is quite overweight, but he is all about full speed ahead! He is so strong that the other voodoo dolls may walk on top of him and his weight is able to activate buttons.
  • Ghost - some say that he is already dead. In any case, he is immortal, which means he can survive high falls, even on top of spikes. He is also able to jump.

The needles

As you play the game, you get access to special voodoo needles. You can use them to prick the dolls in order to give them special abilities. For example, the umbrella needle allows a doll to soar gently to the ground instead of dying of falling down three or more steps. All the different needles will be introduced as you play. Most of the time, there is only one way to complete a level. Therefore, it is important to use the needles just at the right time! Here's an important detail: You can only have four different needles at the time. This means that you may not collect a fifth type, until you have used one of the other types.


If you collect all the yarn in one level, you are awarded three stars for the level. If you collect more than two thirds of the yarn, you get two stars. If you complete the level with less yarn, you only get one star. At the beginning of the game, it is not important to collect a lot of stars, but the further you get in the game, the more stars you need to unlock new levels.


When you have completed a level, you get a score, and you can see the world record for the level that you have completed. This is how the score is calculated:
  • Each ball of yarn gives 10,000 points.
  • Each step you take deducts 25 points.
This means that you have to collect all the balls of yarn with as few steps as possible in order to get close to the world record.


The stars you get are also used to activate up to three Bonus Spins. If you get one star, you get one spin, whereas three stars give you three spins - on the last spin, you may even win the bank. The tokens are transferred to your account as soon as you have won them. You can only get three Bonus Spins once for each level!

Level builder

When you have collected 150 stars, you get access to "My levels". This is the place where you can build your own levels and make them accessible for your friends. The levels you publish will also be found as beta levels, until they have been rated by other players. In order to publish a level, you have to complete it yourself and collect all balls of yarn. This is to make sure that you have not built a level that is impossible to solve. If you want a high rating for your levels, you have to make sure that there are no needles left once it is completed. If other players complete your level and they still have needles in excess, you will see a little red number on the level - it shows how many needles people have had in excess.

Beta levels

Once you have collected 200 stars, you get access to the beta levels. In the beta level section, you can play randomly chosen levels from other players and rate them from 1-5. Your rating will help us decide whether or not the level will be published.