Help Crime Scene

In Crime Scene you have to find clues and solve crimes. Expand your police station with up to eight different officers, and use their various abilities to complete as many missions as you can. Collect donuts, upgrade your officers and fill the criminal album which is updated with new criminals every month.


You can play missions on three different levels of difficulty, and set a personal record for each level of difficulty. The higher the difficulty level you choose, the more suspects there are and the bigger the level. The reward for completing the mission also depends on the degree of difficulty. When you play a mission, you are introduced to a number of suspects. It is your job to find out who the culprit is by excluding those who are innocent. You do this by searching for clues. You have a limited number of searches, so use them wisely.

There are three types of clues:

  • Evidence - yellow clues, gives you information about the criminal.
  • Motives - green clues, give you information about the suspects.
  • Alibis - purple clues, tells you which motives do NOT belong to the criminal.

If you find e.g. proof that a suspect is impatient, and later an alibi that says the criminal is NOT impatient, then you can exclude the suspect. Tap the suspect you want to exclude. If you have excluded all but one suspect, then you know who the criminal is. Then press the magnifying glass to complete the mission. If you can not exclude all suspects, you have to guess. The game will then tell you if you have guessed correctly.
In your notebook you will find an overview of all the clues you have found. You can also use the buttons in the notebook to exclude and charge the suspects.


In the game there are eight different officers. From the start, you only have access to Mathias. They each have different abilities:

  • Mathias - starts a mission with 5% more searches.
  • Jimbo - starts each mission by finding 5% of all clues.
  • Ingrid - starts each mission by finding 5% of all fields without clues.
  • Amber - has a 5% greater chance of finding criminals from the criminal album.
  • Wishoff - has a 25% chance to move on even if he guesses wrong.
  • Breum - can interrogate suspects to get 20% of their information.
  • Jasper - 5% chance to uncover extra fields when searching for clues.
  • Abe - always misspells, so your notebook is hard to read.

The various officers can also be upgraded up to level 5. This will make them significantly better. Eg. Mathias will have as much as 25% more searches at level 5, thus making it easier for you to reach higher and harder rounds.


To unlock more officers, and to upgrade them, use donuts. You win donuts by completing missions. A normal mission gives 5 donuts, a practice mission gives 20 and expert missions give 40 donuts. In addition, you get extra donuts corresponding to how many searches you have left. If you lose a mission, you lose a similar number of donuts.

You can also buy donuts in the game's shop, find up to 30 donuts and get donuts to achieve the game's distinctions.

The game is divided into districts, each of which offers different challenges.
Green District: You start in Green District, where the criminal album is updated monthly.
Red District: If you play a lot, you can choose to unlock Red District where you can collect stars by filling the criminal album again and again.


Each month you will receive an honor in bronze, silver or gold depending on how many criminals from the criminal album you have captured. The more of the criminals you have caught, the more donuts you will be rewarded with. A filled criminal album is rewarded with 1,000 donuts.

You will also receive honors for missions completed with each officer. At 25 missions completed you get 100 donuts, at 100 missions you get 250 donuts, at 500 missions you get 1,000 donuts, at 1000 missions you get 10,000 donuts and finally 25,000 donuts are given at 5000 mission with the same officer.

If you play in the red district, you can achieve honors by collecting 1, 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 stars. It is rewarded with 500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 donuts, respectively.