Help Cookie Boost

The game

In Cookie Boost you must find squares that have the same cake in every corner. You have basically one minute to find as many squares as possible. Along the way you earn, however bonus seconds, so a round can easily take much longer. You compete all the time against other players, and you can follow your rank in the high score list on the left in the game. There are token prizes to the best players every 3 and 24 hour - you can see what the prizes are by following the messages in the chat.

Game modes

The game includes two game modes: Round game and Challenge. Both have their own highscore lists, and separate prizes - and you can participate in all competitions at the same time if you have the time. Common to the two game modes, is that you basically have one minute. You earn, however, regularly 10 bonus seconds - a measurer on the left side of the screen shows how many points you need to achieve in order to get the next 10 seconds. Round game If you play round game, then you should reach as high a round as possible before you lose and start over. In each round you must achieve a certain number of points to complete - exactly how many, you can see on the measurer at the top left of the game. The difficulty increases continuously by the number of points you need to achieve getting higher and also by new cakes being added to the game. Challenge You can play challenge on three levels of difficulty. The only difference is the number of various cakes. The goal is always to score as many points as possible before time runs out.


You get points for how many cakes you remove. For instance if there are 12 cakes in your square, you get 12 points. The number of points you get will be multiplied with your multiplier. Your multiplier starts at x1, but when you remove the squares incorporating a multiplier symbol, then your multiplies increases. By removing a small square of 4 cakes along with a multiplier symbol, then your multiplier will increase by 4, for example to x5. This means that if you remove 12 cakes, they will instead provide 60 points (5 x 12).


The game features a variety of special symbols or power-ups that appear as small signs in front of the cakes. When you remove a cake with one of these signs something special will happen. Remove all - this sign indicates that all other cakes of the same type will disappear when removed. Best square - if you remove a cake with this sign, you will see the best square for the next 3, 4 or 5 moves, depending on how big a square you remove along with the sign. Pause - when you remove this sign, time will stop for half a second for each cake you removed along with the sign. Plus remover - if you remove this sign, all the cakes in the same row and column will be removed as well. Multiplier - the most important sign in the game - when you remove it, your multiplier will increase instead of your points. The multiplier increases by how many cakes you remove together with the sign. Rainbow cake - this is not a sign, but a special kind of cake. It is a wild card or a joker, and therefore applies to all cakes.

Tokens and Bonus spin

After each round you are awarded with tokens based on your score. Along the way, you also have the chance to win a bonus spin, by gathering the cakes that the dog in the bottom left corner is thinking about.