Players' rating: 4.2 / 5

Voodoo Friends

Help the Voodoo Friends in their quest for yarn, and achieve 3-starred scores in each of the fun and challenging levels. Build your own levels and play those from your friends. The best levels will be published, and the creators will be rewarded with honor and tokens.

Play Voodoo Friends on iPhone and iPad!

Everybody's highscores
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Point overview

  • Steps 1 XP
  • Completed friend's level 50 XP
  • Perfect completed friend's level 100 XP
  • Completed level 100 XP
  • Completed beta level 200 XP
  • Perfect completed level 200 XP

User reviews

mind coniving and addicted

by hungryhorse
mind coniving and addicted cant get enough a game to send your mind reeling sets one thinking it is not so easy as one thinks so get your thinking caps on