Players' rating: 4.3 / 5

Travel Solitaire

In Travel Solitaire you must travel the world in your cargo plane. In every country a simpel and fun card game is played. Here you must beat obstacles to load your plane.

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Point overview

  • Per card 1 XP
  • Round (Normal) 75 XP
  • Round (Hard) 100 XP
  • Round (Expert) 150 XP
  • Order (Normal) 250 XP
  • Order (Hard) 500 XP
  • Order (Expert) 750 XP
  • Order (Special) 1000 XP

User reviews

Travel Solitaire

by tinkerbell44
Travel Solitaire is a very clever and different kind of solitaire game. The directions on how to play are confusing at first but after playing the game for awhile everything clicks into place and it becomes a very interesting game that is tons of fun. I love the different backgrounds in all the different countries and the different designs on all the card backs. The sound effects are also unique in all the different card plays in the various countries. Tinkerbell44